6 Customer Service Habits All Businesses Should Have

As you consider the many aspects of your business, you probably see areas for growth as well as areas that you’re extremely proud of. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done and all that you’ve accomplished so far.

As you look forward, you may be wondering what you can do to really take your business to the next level. One way to improve your business is to improve your relationship with your customers. This is best achieved through your customer service.

Customer service is one of the best ways to create happier customers, and happier customers ultimately mean a return on investment. Here are six customer service habits all businesses should have.

Habit #1. Listening

While this may seem like a tip from a relationship advice article, the truth is listening is both highly effective in personal relationships as well as professional ones. When it comes to customer service, customers love to be listened to. In some cases, they simply want their complaints and concerns heard more than anything. (Not to say that action isn’t important, but more on that later.) A good habit to create is to follow the 80-20 rule…listen 80 percent of the time, and talk 20 percent of the time.

Habit #2. Take Ownership

Now that you’ve listened to your customer and fully understand their situation, it’s time to put yourself in their shoes. You can do this by taking ownership of each customer service situation, and seeing each issue through until it is completely resolved. This can be difficult, as many cases require follow-up. This requires dedication and organization. But taking this extra step in your customer service, you will make your customers feel valued and important which will ultimately keep them coming back to give you their business.

Habit #3. Accessibility

Nothing is worse than having a problem with an order or a question and not being able to get the help you need. Make a habit of creating easy-to-find customer service options, whether that be by telephone, email, chat, or through social media. There should always be a way to get in touch with the customer service team and the process should be straightforward.

Habit #4: Allow for Input

One way to help your customers feel valued is allowing them to be apart of the solution. As you resolve their issue, offer them options and let them choose solutions that work best for them. You should also allow for input when it comes to feedback after each customer service transaction.

Habit #5: Respect

Part of great customer service is the ability to stay calm and collected no matter how heated a customer may get. Even in the most frustrating customer service interactions, take a deep breath and remember to respect the customer. It’s usually not personal for them, and when you keep your cool they’re more likely to leave having had a positive interaction.

Habit #6: Show Gratitude

Lastly, take a moment to show gratitude to the customer. Because the truth is, without them you wouldn’t be in business! It costs you nothing, and really means a lot to your customers.

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