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Marketing is an ever changing field. Just a decade ago, no one could have predicted the importance of search engines like Google or Bing in marketing. Likewise, the meteoric rise of social media has radically shifted the way businesses reach target audiences. REVITY has a firm grasp on the latest trends in marketing and we specialize in capitalizing on those trends for you. However, even with new trends there are tried and true practices that never grow out of style; REVITY utilizes the best marketing practices with current trends to increase your revenue the REVITY way… with integrity.


We offer a wide range of digital marketing & web development services. Our services include web design, web development, social media marketing, SEO & more.

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Social Psychology Marketing

Social psychology is a field of study that deals with how people behave and interact in given situations.

Marketers have long studied how to best capture the power of people’s minds and use psychology to influence their decisions

Here at REVITY we take a similar approach. The REVITY difference is that we apply social psychology in an ethical and effective way. We will not manipulate your customers, but we will use the latest research to influence them to think positively about your company.


Not Just Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… A Full Service Marketing Service

Marketing is a broad field. It can be overwhelming to even think about a comprehensive marketing plan let alone execute one.

That is where we come in. No matter where you are in the marketing process, we will boost your marketing plan. Don’t have any idea what you are doing? We will work with you from square one to create a comprehensive and functional plan. Then we will skillfully execute your plan.

Want to be involved every step of the way? It is your business! We love our clients to be involved. Want to focus on other aspects of your business? We’ll take care of everything for you while keeping you in the loop with charts, reports, and old fashioned face-to-face conversations.


Our Process


Understanding your needs and market research come first.



Next, we design a marketing plan that is cohesive and true to your brand.



Once we have things in order, we launch your marketing campaigns.



We don't just set it and forget it. We maintain your campaigns and continue to test and refine them.



We love working with Jason Ryser. He pays attention to detail. He has helped us tremendously. I would recommend him to anyone.
Patrick Fisk
Patrick Fisk
01:03 18 Apr 18
Revity is the best company. They are easy to work with. I have spent thousands on thousands of dollars and I know he does a good job and will help your business grow. This is the easy choice. The quicker you start the better it is.
Tyler Parcell
Tyler Parcell
21:06 20 Dec 17
Revity is very solid. They do a great job at managing our ad spend, are very detailed, follow up instantly at all hours of the day, and, most importantly, give us a positive return. Cannot recommend enough.
Austen Allred
Austen Allred
17:00 21 Dec 17
I hired the RIGHT Company..finally!!! My first web developer was horrible over charged everything and completed nothing. Then Jason and his team stepped in and saved my butt. They took over and finished all the things the I really needed done so that I could finally get my business, These guys rock and i recommend them!!!! Best in town!!
Toulon Mattox
Toulon Mattox
04:09 21 Dec 17
Thank you for all the hard work. I appreciate you guys.
Evan Cofer
Evan Cofer
22:21 09 Apr 18
Absolutely the best consulting and online services around. When our business has an issue we go to Revity first because we know that they will not only handle the problem for us, but go above and beyond the call of duty. Love working with these people!
Porsche Salt Lake City
Porsche Salt Lake City
20:14 31 Oct 18
These guys are amazing to work with and have a proven successful track record!
Steven Phan
Steven Phan
18:13 06 Nov 18
Revity has been amazing to work with. My search engine got me to #1 in a short amount of time. They are reasonably priced for the results and easy to contact. Thanks Revity!
Tamra GreenClean
Tamra GreenClean
02:37 14 Nov 18
Honest, hard working, and have provided me a great value for the money spent. No empty promises, but they track results back to actual sales not just likes and views. I know where my money is being spent and the monetary results I receive from the money I spend. Highly recommend these guys!
Rod Skyles
Rod Skyles
03:21 21 Dec 18
I really enjoy working with the Revity team. Their integrity and focus on client success is something I miss in most marketing agencies out there. That, plus the experience of the team, is what sets them apart from the competition.
I believe it is rare to partner with a company that cares enough to understand you completely. So much so, that they perform exactly as you yourself would if you had their collective experience and knowledge. Once the team understands your vision, the experts are on the team to create a road-map and take the actions to help you get there!
Justin Finney
Justin Finney
20:36 21 Dec 18
Love working with these folks. When I was in their office, I felt like I was the most important one there. Highly recommend.
Austin Smith
Austin Smith
18:53 21 Dec 18
They have helped me with my site for a couple of years. They have been great to work with. Our site was hacked and REVITY had a backup ready to go and we didn’t miss a beat!
Wade Webster
Wade Webster
15:02 21 Dec 18

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