Social Media Marketing

Reach Your Customers Where They Are: Social Media

Where does your audience hang out? Not sure? We’ll tell you: Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, Google+…. You the idea, they are on social media. Let us explain a simple psychological principle to you. It is called the mere exposure effect. It’s pretty simple. When people are merely exposed to something over and over they tend to like it more overtime. While this principle does have limitations and a ceiling, it’s application can be seen in everyday life. Ever heard a song you didn’t like but the radio stations kept playing it over and over and then, maybe a week or two later, you found yourself liking it more? That’s the mere exposure effect.


Social media is a great place for you to merely expose your company and its brand to your audience. However, too much exposure can turn people away and not enough exposure your audience will never see you. You have other things to focus on like running your successful business. We’ll take care of your social media presence for you. Even better, we’ll take the time to learn your company and its brand, voice, and culture so we can bring the real you to your social media followers. Think of us an arm of your company, a really really ridiculously good looking social media arm.


Social media ads are quickly becoming one of the most effective marketing tools available. Combine social ads with landing pages, email marketing, and more to maximize ROI!


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