SEO Benefits for Websites 

SEO Benefits for Websites 

SEO benefits your website in multiple ways, which will help your business grow. It’s possible to become more SEO-friendly, Google-friendly, and mobile-friendly. It all starts with a professional website that has strong HTTPS encryption. 

SEO Friendly

We recommend striving for high-quality content, solid links, and seamless navigation. Go for a solid website structure that’s clean and simple. The more SEO-friendly you are, the better you’ll rank on Google. That’s a win-win!

Google Friendly 

Having a Google-friendly website includes providing easy access to information. It’s unnecessary to hide information about your website on your About or Services pages. You can draw readers in right on the homepage. Chances are, that will lead them to click on other pages anyway! 

Don’t have “cloak” or “crawler only” pages. These pages aren’t visible to your website visitors but contain keywords to improve your ranking. Only, it doesn’t work. You run the risk of not showing up on Google because Google considers websites with those types of pages to be deceptive.

Mobile Friendly

We live in a digital age where many people primarily use their smartphones to navigate the web, order food, shop online and even read the news (instead of the newspaper). So, optimizing your site for mobile users or creating a mobile version of it will benefit you.

Professional Sites

Having a professional site is vital for SEO benefits. The content you provide, the images you include on your web pages and blog posts, and how your website is designed all affect your Google ranking. 


Your content should educate your customers about your services. Not only should your website include information about what you do, but it should contain content about those services on both small-scale and large-scale bases. 

For example, have About and Services pages and include a blog that discusses topics related to what you offer.


You should include high-quality images all over your website. We recommend having at least one image on every page. Take photos of your products and include them on your services page. Include a high-res image with every blog you write. It’s simple, but it works!


It’s best to avoid having a complicated website design. Users will click right off your website if it’s hard to see or navigate. For example, don’t have a black website background with bright orange text. No one can read that!


Believe it or not, how secure your website is will directly affect your SEO ranking. Google requires strong HTTPS encryption to rank well. If you get hacked, you don’t control your website, and Google doesn’t like that. Your ranking will drop.

Revity Marketing Agency

Are you looking for SEO benefits for your website? Revity Marketing Agency can help you with every aspect to rank as high as possible. Steadily improving your website over time will benefit your business.

We’re all about doing everything we can to help your business grow! If you have questions or want more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Revity today!

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