Top Secrets To Influence Customers

Whether you are selling to a potential customer or marketing on a wider scale, there is one thing you can do for your customers, services, products, and brand that will increase sells, brand credibility, and brand awareness. What is this mystical mind trick? Be Honest. Well, it’s not really a trick at all, I guess.

People are not dumb. Especially in today’s marketing and sales environment, consumers have been around the block and for the most part they can see through sales tricks (this doesn’t mean they don’t still react to them). Even if you are not trying to use backdoor tricks, if a consumer feels like you are they turn off and tune out really quickly. So rather than try and sell your product or service as being perfect for EVERYONE or being PERFECT in general, try being honest.

People already know that no product is perfect for everyone in every situation so try some honesty on for size. Here are a few ways you can amaze consumers with brutal honesty.

Say Who You Are NOT For..

As noted above, no product can possibly be perfect for everyone. Coke is one of the most recognized and successful brands in the history of history, and yet I know plenty of people that don’t like coke (like me!), so obviously even it is not for everyone. Be creative in telling the truth about who your product is not for, but be honest. This type of honesty comes off as very confident and buyers will love it.

Admit Weak Product Feature(s)

No product is perfect. There are aspects that fall short. Be up front about them. This can be combined with #1 above. Maybe your product is functional but not really esthetically pleasing. That’s a weakness, though not necessarily a large one, to be honest about.

Address Any Elephants In The Room…

Ever had a PR problem with your service or product? Maybe your website crashed and people were upset. Or maybe you purchased a company that had bad reviews by dozens of customers. Don’t shy away from addressing those things. Try this: “So, last year we fell short of expectations and received some pretty bad reviews (maybe even quote some of the viler reviews). So here are the 6 things we are doing to be sure that it doesn’t happen again…” Refreshingly upfront and honest, right?

Laugh at Yourself..

See #3 above. Those types of situations can be used to find humor. Using vile reviews and adding some humor can be helpful too. People will respect the honesty and humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously or your customers won’t.

Compliment Competitors..

This is my personal favorite. Nothing turns me off from a company more than when their commercials, ads, and marketing heavily disparage competitors. Don’t tell me why your competitor sucks, tell me why you are good. A great way to start out on this path is to be honest about something your competitor has done that was good (they can’t be all evil and the spawn of Satan, right?). “Hey the guys over at ABC Company did a great interview with John Doe, check it out. Wish we would have done it!”

No Excuses..

Rather than make up excuses, own mistakes or shortcomings. People understand that people are people and they make mistakes. That means there sometimes might be…mistakes. So be honest about them and people will understand.

Share Disappointments, Don’t Hide Them…

Ever lose a key account or customer? We all have. Instead of spinning it or making excuses try saying “OUCH!” because we all know those things hurt.

Final note, be careful with this tactic: People might just see right through it and think that you are actually honest and a good company ran by even better people. So don’t follow these tips unless you want that to be your image. For more tips on how to better market your brand, contact Revity Solutions today.

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Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster