Top Secrets To Influence Customers

Everyone wants to influence customers effectively, but how do you do it? Keep reading for our expert tips. 

Whether you are selling to a potential customer or marketing on a broader scale, there is one thing you can do for your customers, services, products, and brand that will increase sales, brand credibility, and brand awareness. What is this mystical mind trick? Be Honest. 

People are not dumb. Especially in today’s marketing and sales environment, consumers have been around the block, and for the most part, they can see through sales tricks (this doesn’t mean they don’t still react to them). Even if you are not trying to use backdoor tricks, they turn off and tune out quickly if a consumer feels like you are. So rather than try and market your product or service as a great fit for everyone, try being honest. People already know that no product is perfect for everyone in every situation, so try some honesty on for size. Here are a few ways you can amaze consumers with brutal honesty.

Say Who You Aren’t For

As noted above, no product is a perfect fit for everyone. Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized and successful brands in history, yet plenty of people don’t like coke, so obviously, even it is not for everyone. Be creative in telling the truth about who your product is not for, but be honest. This type of honesty comes off as very confident, and buyers will appreciate it.

Admit Weak Product Feature(s)

No product is perfect, and each has shortcomings. To influence customers, be honest about your product’s downfalls. Maybe your product is functional, but not aesthetically pleasing. Maybe your product needs regular updates. Whatever the issue may be, being honest about it with your customers will help to build trust with them. 

Address Any Elephants in the Room

Ever had a PR problem with your service or product? Maybe your website crashed, and people were upset. Or perhaps you purchased a company that had terrible reviews by dozens of customers. Don’t shy away from addressing those things. Make a statement addressing the issue head-on, and be open about what you plan to change moving forward to prevent the issue from happening again. 

Laugh at Yourself

Whatever issues or PR nightmares you have experienced in the past, try to find their humorous aspects. Customers and clients will respect honesty and humor. Don’t take yourself or your business too seriously.

No Excuses

Rather than make excuses, own your mistakes and shortcomings. Customers understand that people are imperfect, and they make mistakes. So be honest about your mistakes, and people will understand.

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