Your Guide to Black Friday Marketing


With the holidays around the corner, shoppers will be searching for new deals, so here’s everything you need to know about Black Friday marketing. 

For many companies, Black Friday and even Cyber Monday can be the biggest sales days of the year, so before it’s too late, you have to start preparing your marketing strategy now. Here, you’ll find out the top five best places to start so you can get ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season. 

Prepare Your Email Strategy Early 

While you shouldn’t start advertising your Black Friday deals too early, you have to start preparing ahead of time for all the right email blasts. Think about what strategies you’re going to use during Black Friday weekend. Will you be sending out personalized emails, or will everyone on your list get the same one? Will you have to send an abandoned cart email or choose not to follow up? What does your segmentation look like right now? Do you need to change anything before the start of the holiday season? These are all important and valid questions that you need to ask yourself no later than right now!

Don’t Wait to Optimize Your Website 

Here are a few things we suggest testing and optimizing on your website to prepare for your Black Friday sale: 

  • Website speed 
  • Mobile, desktop, laptop, and tablet compatibility 
  • Pop-up offers 
  • Streamline the checkout process as much as possible
  • Work with your design team to highlight your biggest and best promotions
  • Test for broken internal and external links
  • Clearly display your return policy 
  • Offer a chat option for customer service purposes 

Advertise On Social Media 

Social media is always a great place to get people excited about the deals and offers your running. The week and even month leading up to Black Friday, make sure to advertise plenty with organic and sponsored ads, showing off your best products and offerings so that you can build brand awareness and recognition leading up to your sale. On Thursday, or very early on Friday, launch your ads showing off your deals. Doing this is a great way to get people’s attention leading up to the sale.

Offer Added Benefits 

When it comes to Black Friday marketing, there are plenty of other ways to get people even more interested in your sale other than offering a good deal to everyone. What if you provided an exclusive discount to your loyal customers? Or, if you have customers with a membership or card holder status, you can give them early access to the sale. How about delivering customers who add their name to your email list an additional 10% off their already great price? You might even consider extending your Black Friday deals throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday, giving your customer more time to shop your wide selection of products or services. Offering even the slightest incentive for the desired result (i.e., credit card applications, subscription sign-ups, added email to your list, etc.) can ultimately bring in more customers and revenue once the sale is over.

REVITY Is Your Black Friday Marketing Source

Are you ready for Black Friday? If not, REVITY is here to take your Black Friday marketing strategy to the next level. We have you covered this holiday season between our email, social media, SEO, conversion rate optimization, and design experts and teams. 
Big or small company, local or worldwide, we’re ready and eager to help your company grow and achieve the success you can only dream about right now. Contact us today for a free proposal and to learn more about the REVITY family.

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