Why Following Up With Leads is Important

Generating leads is an important aspect of digital marketing and is a unique avenue when it comes to creating sales. With other marketing approaches like SEO or website optimization techniques, you are trying to make your website stand out among the competitors.

If you have a lead, the potential client has already come to your site or expressed interest in your products! The simple fact is that it is much easier to convert someone that is already interested rather than trying to create interest. That is why following up with leads is important.

One powerful way to generate leads is with Facebook. Facebook lead ads make it easy for potential customers to click on your ad and submit their pre-filled information all without leaving Facebook and you come away with the contact information necessary to follow up.

Once you’ve received a lead, the speed with which you follow up is very important. If you’ve ever entered your email address on a website in hopes of more information, a discount code, or perhaps a free download, you know how frustrating it can be when the email doesn’t show up or takes several hours to hit your inbox. If you have received a lead, the time to follow up is sooner than later. The goal should be within minutes, but certainly no more than an hour. Waiting too long can associate negative feelings with your company. You should be following up with everyone who expresses interest and quickly.

When you follow up quickly and thoughtfully, what you are really doing is keeping your business and/or product at the forefront of your customers mind. You are also keeping them engaged, which can keep them from getting bored, disinterested, or turned off from your company and looking for solutions to their problems elsewhere.

Using emails is an easy and standard way to follow up with leads generated through social media like Facebook or other sources like Google. But another way to follow up is with a phone call. If an interested client includes their phone number in a submission form for more information, a phone call can be a great way to show that you are serious, dedicated, and builds trust with the potential customer. Additionally, adding these leads to a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly email subscription to keep them in the know.

Yes, emails can be effective, but it is also true that emails can quickly get buried and forgotten, especially if subscribers are interested in many other companies and have many emails coming in. Here’s where going the extra mile can really make a difference. Create a personal touch by sending a note in the mail.

Continue to develop follow-up procedures that will help to build trust between you and potential clients, answer their questions, and keep them engaged. Meanwhile, you can utilize the basics of search engine optimization to optimize your website to help bring in more traffic (and maintain existing traffic). If you’re unfamiliar with website optimization techniques, look for free site optimization resources or consider hiring a digital marketing professional to help with any and all of your marketing needs.


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