Marketing: Why We Don’t Believe in “One-Size-Fits-All” Marketing Strategies

Why We Don’t Believe in “One-Size-Fits-All” Marketing Strategies

There are some principles to marketing that are universal; however, marketing strategies isn’t one of them. 

You’re not going to get far in today’s business climate without a responsive and functional website and a basic brand identity. But beyond the absolute basics, your marketing needs are highly personal to your company. 

Far too many marketing agencies find a few strategies they feel comfortable with, and they deploy those for all of their clients. Some may be satisfied with this blanket approach—but REVITY isn’t. We don’t believe in that “one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing. Let’s break down exactly what REVITY believes, and why.


True Knowledge About Marketing Strategies

The first element of business marketing is actually knowing what marketing is and how it works in the current market. Marketing is, essentially, finding a way to get your product or service to the right people (or converting viewers to become the right people) who will buy. By definition, marketing needs to be highly customized and self-aware.  


A standard, one-size-fits-all approach is indicative of a marketing strategy that isn’t comfortable with modern updates to the world of internet presence and advertising. REVITY believes in a comprehensive and adaptive approach that reflects our true mastery of all modern strategies, such as: 

  • Email marketing
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Pay-per-click
  • Print & visual advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Link strategy
  • SEO
  • Animation, video, and other multimedia

Customization is King

The second reason that general marketing is ineffective is that marketing relies on the customization of four main areas. 


Branding: What’s your company’s specific identity? What do you offer? What’s your tone? You need to solidify your brand and image before you figure out any messaging or audiences. We believe marketing should work side-by-side with you to uncover your unique values and identity as a business. 

Audience: You want to sell to everyone, but the reality is that you have a target audience. Who are they? You need to narrow your focus so that you can create better messaging and reach more success with your marketing strategy, and we help you find it. 

Messaging: Once you know who you are and who you’re selling to, then you can create highly customized messaging. You might need to produce helpful content, or perhaps something more eye-catching and viral. Marketing helps you determine exactly what you need to share—and how to share it. 

Delivery: The way you present your business to the world is important, and you have many, many options. Marketing should be highly customized to all the above considerations, and then carefully delivered in a way that maximizes your message. Our marketing teams specialize in a wide range of services that get your product or service exactly where it’s meant to be to produce real results. 


Your Marketing—Your Way with REVITY Marketing Agency

Does your marketing agency customize their strategy for you in each of these categories? REVITY Marketing Agency does. We work hard to find solutions that spell success, no matter your goals or budget, and we’re the experts at personalized marketing strategies. See what we can do for you

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