What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

If you have a business with an online presence, you’ve probably heard the acronym SEO. But what is SEO, and how can it help your business?

You’ve probably been using and interacting with SEO without even realizing it if you’ve ever done a Google search. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Simply put, it is the process of getting traffic to your site from natural search results on search engines.

Every time you search a phrase in your Google, Bing, or Yahoo search bar and hit enter, you see a list of results. The search engine displays the pages or videos in the order of relevance to your search. By increasing and utilizing SEO, your website will rank higher on that result list more often.

The great thing about SEO is that, with a little technical knowledge and some creative writing, you can improve your website’s ranking, which in turn, means increased traffic. Both will lead to more awareness in search engines!

If you use social media or email marketing, why does SEO matter? Well, because the majority of traffic online comes from search engines. The great thing about using SEO to get traffic is that you know the visitors that come to your site are looking for the products you offer! Without that exposure from searches, you miss out on a lot of opportunities.

SEO doesn’t rely solely on having the right words on your website. The way other sites are linked to you also play a part. On the technical side, you’ll have to make sure your website is built in a way that plays nice with search engines.

Having a professional help you with your SEO is important, especially if you’re not confident or knowledgeable enough. While correctly utilizing SEO can increase traffic and visibility of your site, one or two wrong moves can actually make your site less visible or even hidden.

Besides the technical stuff, SEO requires writing. Does that idea of writing strategically to increase your SEO make your palms sweaty? Did the word “writing” make you want to skip the rest of this paragraph all together? Not to worry. There are professionals with extensive writing experience who are trained to increase your SEO for you!

Where can you find these talented individuals? Check out REVITY. They also have professionals who can help build your website to be as SEO friendly as possible.  If you’re in need of digital marketing services, including SEO, REVITY can help. With 16 years of experience and 854 marketing campaigns under their belts, the professionals at REVITY can increase your visibility, get you hot online presence, and increase your revenue.

But why stop there? REVITY can also manage your marketing campaign, design your website, manage your social media accounts, and even help you add some videos to your website!

If you’re looking to boost your SEO or your digital marketing altogether, don’t hesitate to contact REVITY today!

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