Outdated SEO Methods

Just when you think you can finally answer, “What is SEO?”, and you think you’ve fully optimized your website, you discover it isn’t performing as well as it should. As you begin analyzing your approach and the feedback you’ve gotten, you realize you’re using outdated SEO methods.

It’s ok. Don’t get discouraged. It’s tempting to continue to use what were once tried-and-true search engine optimization tips. But the truth is that search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and the way they pull up information, which means you’re going to have to constantly update the way you get your website to do well in those searches. You may think you have an optimized website but take a look at two outdated SEO methods to see if there is anything you need to change.

Old Keywords

Using keywords is part of search engine optimization basics. And they’re not necessarily going away, but the way you use them needs to be updated. No longer can you simply cram as many keywords as you can into a web page or your website. In fact, not only will this no longer help you, it may even hurt you. Instead, you need to use an appropriate amount of keywords. Better yet, consider phrases that are frequently searched and used by your target audience.

In addition to keyword use, you need to change where they are located. Rather than having a page for each keyword variant, which has been a highly-used tactic in the past, try to include them all in one relevant page. Search engines are much better at topic-matching than they used to be. You’ll be better off using several keywords that are related into one page. Use them in relevantly in the content, the headline, or try using them in the title or meta description. Work several in throughout the page.

The bottom line is you want to use keywords but sparingly, and in a very natural way. Try to use the same verbiage your target audience would use when they speak or type. Don’t be afraid to use key phrases as well as keywords.

Disappointing Content

Writing content for the sake of SEO isn’t going to cut it. You can’t fool search engines, and more importantly you’re not going to fool actual readers. Your primary focus should be on compelling, quality content. This alone should help with website optimization. Then, you take it to the next level by optimizing it with keywords and all the other search engine optimization tips you know. And just as with keywords, you want to keep it natural. You obviously want to optimize your website, but you want to make sure the foundation is made of solid content first. This includes any topic links you have! Make sure they are quality, relevant, and not just click-bait.

While you can keep up to date on SEO techniques on your own, especially with the help of free search engine optimization tools online, it is beneficial to hire a professional SEO consultant. Consider the benefits of hiring a digital marketing specialist to help keep all of your marketing methods up to date and working successfully for your and your business.

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