What is Marketing Automation?

What is Marketing Automation?

Knowing how to utilize automation in your marketing will lead to higher revenue—and at REVITY, we are all about increasing revenue. Simply put, marketing automation is a technology that automatically manages marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns for different channels. Automation can be summed up in four steps—test, measure, analyze, optimize. With specific integrations, your business can automatically gather data, reach customers, and generate leads. 

Benefits of Automation

Automation allows companies to increase efficiency and measure performance, such as ROIs, segmentation, cross-sell, up-sell, customer retention, and lead generation. In marketing, it gives businesses the tools to target audiences with automated emails, social content, web content, and text. Automation allows you to see what is working, what isn’t, and where you can improve. This could be looked at as an engagement marketing and analytics engine. Customer interactions can be monitored and managed through automation. 

Work smarter with automation. Automating certain practices in your business frees up hundreds of hours, giving you more time to focus on the big picture of your business. Get your brand integrated with the right apps, so they are work for you, and you can work for your customers. 

How to Use Automation in Marketing:

Through automation, you can integrate the right tools on your landing pages, so when someone fills out a form, they get feedback and follow up automatically. 

– Email marketing—automation in email marketing allows you to automate what you will send and when you will send it, and to whom you will send it. It also allows you to see analytics such as open rates, click-through rates, and so on. There are many different email automation tools out there to help you achieve your goals. If someone browses your website, you can create workflows that trigger a response and send emails to prospective customers. In those same workflows, you can segment your customers into different lists, so that you can send the right information to the right people. 

– Generating leads—generate leads for your business and expand your reach with automation. This can be done through automation with content-to-email workflow, social media outreach, and more. Automation has been proven to generate leads time and time again. Social Media Today reported that 75% of marketers say they are currently using at least one type of marketing automation. Automation allows you to solicit your business without annoying people or risking damage to your brand. There are hundreds of ways companies utilize automation to generate and qualify leads. Through automation, you can leverage popups, install sticky bars, create gated content, send lead ads, and utilize chatbots. Leverage your site to send offers in the right places and pages in a way that gets people to convert to customers.

– CRM integration—a CRM or customer relationship management tool helps you to manage all of your company’s clients and potential client’s information. 

– Marketing analytics—automating marketing analytics provides you with needed information to optimize the information you have and to grow. Setting up automation will help you to generate information and analytics to educate you about your current strategies and help you to make educated decisions moving forward. Data is invaluable in the digital marketing world. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have loads of data right at your fingertips with almost no work? That’s what automation can do for you. It gathers data from your users and customers automatically with practically no effort on your part. Analyzing data is key to planning and predicting the future of your company. 

– Landing pages—integrate tools on your landing pages that will start a workflow. Whether it’s sending an email, collecting contact information, or giving information about your business—there are a lot of tools you can integrate into your landing pages. 

– Predictions—the analytics provided by automation allows you to prediction customer behavior and campaign performances. This information will help you to make smart moves going forward. You may notice that certain campaigns are not performing well and therefore are an ineffective use of your time.   

How REVITY Uses Automation

Not sure how to utilize automation to your advantage? That’s where we come in. At REVITY, our automation specialists can help you build out your customer base, nurture and qualify leads, and even win-back previous customers. Our email marketing campaigns, landing pages integrations, marketing analytics, CRM integrations, and other automation skills will help your business run smoothly while expanding your reach. 

We will work with you to establish your goals and create a plan to allow automation to do its thing. Once automation tools are in place, many of the seemingly tedious day to day tasks are taken care of, freeing up your time to spend growing your business in other ways. 

Contact us today to learn more about what automation can do for your business and what working with REVITY looks like.

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