How Long Do I Need To Do SEO?

If you’ve been working to boost your website with search engine optimization, you may be wondering how long it takes to see results, and how long you need to do SEO? It’s only natural to want to plan for changes to your visibility and overall success. So, here’s what you need to know about your SEO timeline.

Expect Some Immediate Results

The truth is, there are some results you can expect immediately when you are optimizing for search engines. The fact is that by performing SEO you’re going to have a website that will be better organized, and you’ll have new and interesting content to boost your visibility. These probably aren’t the only results you’re looking for, but they are an immediate result of improved SEO and will be a benefit to you.

Be Patient When It Comes to Long Term Results

As you work for improved SEO, you’re probably waiting and watching for your website to list up high on a Google search. This is only natural, and should be a goal of yours. But waiting for that to happen may take longer than you think.

There are many factors that can affect the visibility of your website.

The work that you put into your website and SEO will take time to be implemented. You’ll also need allow time for your website to be recrawled. That is assuming that you know your traffic, target audience and competition, and you’ve got the best website design and domain name possible.

In general, you can expect to see results after a few to several months. But these are the more immediate results and will not be all that you’re looking for.

If you’re not seeing results after a few months, don’t give up! Especially if you don’t have much of a history or you have a new website name, these results can take a little longer. The absolute best results may even come after a year or more!

Keep Up the Effort

In the meantime, continue to create quality content. Continue to build links. Continue to improve and refresh your content. Like an investment, your results may seem miniscule at first, but they will compound over time. And eventually, with SEO you are going to see your website improve in ways you didn’t think possible. The longer you consistently work at SEO, the better your results will be in the long run.

What else can you do to help your website and SEO? Continue to focus on using keywords and search phrases on your website and in your content. But it doesn’t end there. You can also include a keyword in your domain name. This can help the SEO process. But do keep in mind that a brand-new domain name can take some time to build up trust with search engines.

Continue to create a reliable history and then you will see results. You can also take advantage of Google and be sure to claim your business. It’s a free way to help SEO.  Be patient as you wait for results of SEO. Several months in, you’ll be happy with the results!


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