Email is the oldest form of digital marketing and it has not stopped evolving since the first basic text was sent via ARPANET. Fast forward to today and we can send adaptive, interactive email messages to customers and potential customers to maximize your growth. Email marketing can target specific demographic groups with personalized content, sent at a carefully chosen moment. And did we mention it can all be automated? You’re one click away from your customers – even on vacation.


We Get Your Message in Front of Your Customers

More than any other form of marketing, email has the power to find your customers and move them to buy and support your business.


  • A/B/n Testing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Content & Messaging


  • Design & Optimize
  • Make it Look Beautiful
  • Reach Anybody, Anywhere


  • Customer Journeys
  • Consistent Contact
  • Abandoned Cart Emails

Email ties into every aspect of a strong marketing strategy. If used effectively, it can drive your entire campaign. Red Olive’s email gurus are the undisputed masters of the art, but just to be sure, we test, test, test, test, and test. Then we test again.



Trust Through Consistent Communication

Email campaigns are an excellent way to convert those who are “just looking” into customers. Email campaigns are also a great approach to encourage customers to become repeat customers, share deals, and keep your contact updated on what is going on with your company. On the other hand, email campaigns can destroy a customer base if done incorrectly. With the best of intentions, companies easily go from trying to be “top of mind” to becoming an nuisance. At REVITY, we understand the delicate nature of company communication , and we know how to build trust, not annoyance.


Campaigns Build Brands

From the first moment a customer hits your site, we gather data and use it to optimize their experience. We create powerful e-mail marketing solutions designed to promote your brand and strengthen your online presence, but all within federal regulations and customer consent. We build a brand that is captivating and trustworthy.

We Test, Test, Then Test Some More

REVITY is a lot of things, but complacent is not one of them. We do not “set it and forget it.” We are constantly testing the data, comparing different approaches, and doing our own research to find what types of marketing campaigns work best for your product or service. You can rest assured that we are constantly optimizing your email marketing for maximum benefit.




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