YouTube SEO: Everything You Need To Know

YouTube SEO: Everything You Need To Know

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, so if you asked anyone that works in video production where they would be, it’s there. Read further to learn everything you need to know about YouTube SEO.


When YouTube was created, it used to feature just music, similar to how MTV used to produce just music. Fast forward 15 years and YouTube has become the veritable marketing highway for business. Now, if you’re looking for how to grow a vegetable garden or want the latest and greatest in power tools, all you have to do is search for it. You find what you’re looking for, and if you like it, you can subscribe to the little bell, and it will notify you when other videos are posted. Brilliant, huh?

So, if it makes sense to hop on YouTube and get your business seen and promoted, it will equally make sense to know the right SEO for this venue to ensure prospects and customers know where to find you. Granted, it’s not as easy as putting how-to’s or webinars on your website, but done right, it can boost your channel’s traffic, sales, and bottom line.

So, how do you get your video to go viral? Well, ask yourself, are you ready to put in some hard work? If so, then sit tight, and we’ll discuss the secrets to YouTube SEO.

Optimizing Your Videos

It’s true; if you want to get exposure on YouTube, you must optimize every video you upload, as well as your channel. However, once you see why it’s so important, you will also see why it’s worth it. Following these tips below will enhance your exposure, therefore, increase your readership and your subscriptions. 

Research Keywords

This is a given when doing any kind of digital marketing, and video marketing is no exception to YouTube. It starts with meticulous keyword research—how are people finding the sort of videos you’re uploading? Well, that’s the magic bullet you have to discover. It’s not as hard as you may think, and you can do it within YouTube by using the platform “Suggest Keywords” that allows you to go from generic to specific.

Put in a keyword that you believe is vital for your videos and then review the results. Along with relevant suggestions, you will likely get good ideas for future videos. 

Other ways to increase your keyword list involve using Google’s Search Console, SEMRush, or Moz; they use similar formulas for achieving good insight into trends and commonly searched-for keywords. Check out your competitor’s’ most-viewed videos and, if needed, borrow keywords for your content.

It’s important to know what type of keywords to search for and to note that getting as specific as you can yield better results. For example, don’t just put in video marketing or YouTube SEO; instead, combine them for “Video marketing tips for YouTube SEO,” which makes for a more substantial and more specific search. The key is to be as accurate as possible.

Use the Metadata

The essential thing you can do for YouTube SEO is the metadata. This backend tool is what allows YouTube, like other search engines, to gather information about your content and display it. There’s are four critical elements to metadata; they are:

  • Tags: Putting in simple words or phrases allows YouTube to identify what the video is about, so it’s integral to use your most relevant and vital keywords here, combining them as much as possible. Also, be as specific as possible and use buzzwords, such as “Best Ways to Use Electric Tools,” or “What Every Beginner Gardener Should Know.”
  • Video Description: This is where you can get specific but brief. What is your video about? The rule of thumb here is to ensure it can be read within a minute and have exact information of what the video is about. Inserting some links to your website is a great way to get traffic. Just don’t promise something in the video that it can’t deliver.
  • Title: Pick a title that catches a watcher’s eye. Three rules to follow here for the perfect title includes: being entertaining, clear, and adding an essential keyword. Get creative about your title. What draws your attention to a video? Do buzzwords get you interested or trends? Incorporate that into your title. (Example: “Five Fascinating Plants Undergoing Photosynthesis”)
  • Thumbnails: Titles catch someone’s eye, but so does having a thumbnail next to it. It doesn’t help if the title rocks, but the thumbnail doesn’t. Pay special attention to the miniature version you choose to illustrate a video. It could be as simple as picking a relevant and colorful frame from the video itself, or if you want to get fancy, design something specific and use colors, humor, or anything else that gets watcher’s attention.

Work Out the Details

Implementing all of the above is crucial; however, all of that could still prevent you from getting traffic. Why? Because you can’t just trick a search engine from showing your content. There are strict rules now. Follow the rules or be kicked out. YouTube is no different. You have to think about your overall marketing strategy and think about what content, the length, the presentation, and the quality of the content. If you can, hire a video production company to make it for you.

Consider your video’s duration. Most experts will say keep it under two minutes, but depending on what type of content, that may not be possible. Good news, you don’t have to follow these rules, because YouTube categorizes video length and filters it into short or lengthy videos. Some people prefer longer videos for something like “Ten Tips for the Beginner Gardener” that go in-depth and show more than just text.

Just remember to catch your watcher’s attention from the get-go, meaning have a great opening that keeps them watching. It might be useful to think of your videos and mini-movies. They should include a narrative that poses a problem and achieves a solution while having fun doing it.


Soliciting YouTube’s algorithm isn’t hard, but it does take knowledge and time. If you need help in this department, let the experts at REVITY do it for you! 

Contact us for more information on how we can handle every aspect of your marketing, so you can focus on your customers and building your business.

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