Why and How to Start a Blog

Blogs are a very beneficial and informal way to communicate with your demographic. They are easy to set up, low cost, fairly low maintenance, and more personable than traditional marketing. If you think a blog may be beneficial for your company but you aren’t sure how to get the ball rolling, contact Revity for a free quote!

Engage with Customers

A blog is a great way to engage with current and potential customers as they follow your updates. With blog posts, you can get information out there without applying any pressure on your customers or coming across as too ‘salesmeny’. Take this opportunity to be more personable, connect with your audience. In a blog post, you can share things that may not be as applicable in more traditional forms of advertising.

The informal communication and collaborative nature that can take place on a blog invites customer feedback. When followers comment and engage with you and your company, they are much more likely to try your product, your service, or follow your company.

Low Cost

One of the best reasons to start a blog—it can be free or very low cost. With a high quality and well-kept blog, the return is extremely high for what you are investing. This is a very cost-effective way to interact with and market to potential customers. Some blogs are completely free, if you’d like a professional to work on your blog it is still a low cost generally for such a high return. Blogs are easy to set up and maintain.

Set a Tone and Brand

Once you have set up your blog, set some guidelines to follow. Being consistent in your posting, voice, and content will benefit you greatly. Set a simple set of rules for yourself that include how often you should post, what to include in your posts (pictures, subheadings, links, etc.), and what kind of tone you want to set for your blog. Looking at other blogs for inspiration may help you to choose a style that you like. Research what works and what fits your branding. When looking through other blogs, compare posts and see what they have in common. Each post on your blog should be clearly branded for your company.

Relevant Content

To keep an audience, keep your blog relevant. If you want to draw in a certain demographic, cater to that demographic. Posting content that is relevant to your audience and company will keep your followers following. When you post content that does not relate to your company—it doesn’t benefit you. Similarly, when you post content that doesn’t relate to your audience—it doesn’t benefit them. Don’t just post for posting’s sake, post something beneficial.

Update Often

Though setting up a blog is pretty simple, often time people will set it up and then no follow through on posting regularly—this won’t help you much. Updating your blog regularly will not only keep your company relevant, but it is also very helpful for SEO purposes. A blog can help drive traffic to your site. New and relatable content that uses specific keywords to target your desired demographic will bring the right people to your site.

If you already have a blog and are just looking to make improvements to your blog, click here!

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