How To Improve Your Blogging

Your blog is a great way for you to continually add content to your website, show customers new ways to use your product, build up your credibility and increase traffic. But like anything in the digital marketing world, there is always room for improvement.

With new developments and and ever-changing tactics, it is important to stay up to date on the best way to market yourself (blogging included).

Here’s how to improve your blogging.

1. Promote

There’s no shame in promoting your newest and latest content. In fact, it would be silly not to use all of the resources available to you to help drive traffic to your blog. You put time and effort into your blog so do what you can to share it and allow people to visit your website and read it. This is where social media can really come in handy. Use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts to promote your blog posts.

Don’t be afraid to promote your blog posts more than once. Some people may miss the initial blast, or may not discover your website or social media channel until after the fact. Re-promoting, or rewriting a post and promoting can be very beneficial. You can also use different social media sites to share the content a few different times. Just be careful not to overdo it.

2. Use Pictures, Videos, and Other Visuals

Another great way to improve your blogging is to make sure you’re adding some fun and interesting visuals.  Break up the content with something visually stimulating to keep readers engaged. You should also aim to make your blog visually appealing to give readers a good first impression and keep them around to read your posts.
Using images is actually a great way to optimize your website. When done correctly, images can be one of many great search engine optimization tricks. Best of all, it is a way to optimize for free.

3. Collaborate

A great way to continue to build your credibility (besides writing knowledgeable and reliable content regularly) is to include industry leaders and experts on your blog. Ask them to write a blog post or two. This will add variety and authority to your blog.

4. Optimize

One of the best things you can do for your blog is to optimize your website for search engines. By that, we mean it is necessary to learn SEO. There are plenty of website optimization techniques online, cheap SEO packages, and top SEO consultants that can all take your website to the next level.  

One of the most basic search engine optimization tips is to get to know your audience. Learn how they speak and type, what words they search, and the things they’re interested in. This will all come into play as you choose the keywords you work into your blog, and learn how to optimize your website. When free web optimization resources aren’t enough, don’t be afraid to look into an SEO consultant service. Optimizing your website is an investment what will payoff in the long run… as will having a compelling blog!

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