Who Cares About Web Design?

It’s hard to say which people care about web design. But if there’s someone who should care about web design, it’s you. In hopes of creating the best digital marketing environment you can, have you forgotten about something as simple as web design?

Web design plays a crucial role in a business’ success in terms of marketing and promotion. Whether you tackle it yourself or hire a professional, make sure web design is a high priority in your digital marketing game plan.

The purpose of digital marketing is to attract those who may come looking for your services from the comfort of their home while sitting in front of a computer, tablet, or phone. They are looking for something to make them comfortable, to make them feel beautiful, to make their life easier, simpler, or more fun.

The product you sell may be able to do that for them. But if your website doesn’t reflect those same values, you may lose potential customers before their shopping experience has ever really begun.

By providing these people with a well-designed website, you are going to help attract and keep these browsers right where you want them – where they can purchase your products!

Studies have shown that it takes internet users just a few seconds to decide whether they want to stay on your site or leave. What should you include in your web design for optimal digital marketing?

1. K.I.S.S.

You’ve heard the saying keep it simple, stupid. This applies to many aspects of life, including your web design. The less busy your website is, the more attractive it will be to users. There should be very little clicking, scrolling, or steps involved. Keep the information clear and to the point. This also includes keeping your graphics, colors, and the overall design of your website clean and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Easy to Find Info

If it’s too hard for users to find the information they want or need on your site, they’re going to quickly give up and find their answers or products elsewhere. No matter what information or services you are providing, make sure your website is clear and concise.

3. Easy to Read

Whether it is the actual font size or the content of your website, keep it easy for users to read. You’d be surprised how at something relatively small can trip up users, and cause them to give up. In fact, nearly four people out of 10 are unable to complete simple tasks on the average site. Increase your odds of success by helping your users be successful too.

By creating a visually pleasing and easy to use website through intentional web design, you will be more successful in driving traffic to your site, keeping it there, and increasing sales. And when users have a positive interaction with your site, they’re more likely to share, follow along, and comment. This will only further increase traffic to your site. When you care about web design, you’re only doing your business huge a favor.

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