Which Social Media Channel Has the Best Engagement?

Which Social Media Channel Has the Best Engagement?

Creating a social media strategy comprises many parts, but in the end, you want to receive the highest possible engagement rate.

How do you decide which channels are best suited for your marketing needs? And how do you acquire active and engaged followers?

In this article, you’ll discover which platforms exist and which ones tend to perform the best in terms of engagement on social media. We’ll also show you how to boost your engagement rate and, subsequently, grow your following.

How to Choose a Social Media Platform

With so many social media platforms out there, picking the best channel for your business can be confusing. Quality always surpasses quantity, so it’s best to choose two to three channels and create high-quality content consistently. Focusing on a smaller number of platforms will allow you to interact and engage with your followers, leading to more leads and customers.

When deciding on a social media platform (or two or three), contemplate the following questions:

  • What are your social media goals?

It was Peter Drucker, the brilliant management theorist, who said it best– “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

If you can’t define the measurable goals to establish a desired outcome, there is no way to learn, grow, and get better at it. Measuring performance always starts with goals and objectives.

When selecting the best social media channel(s) for your brand, ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve on social media?” For example, if you want to sell a product, consider a visual platform such as Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. If you want to generate higher conversion rates, LinkedIn is an excellent place to start.

Once you understand your goals, you can select the best social media channel to fit your unique needs.

  • What platforms are your target audience using?

Next, consider the platform most of your target audience is using. For example, if most of your clientele falls within the 18-30 crowd, consider hopping on TikTok. Use social media analytics tools to determine where your target audience is hanging out.

Go where your customers are so they can find and fall in love with your brand.

  • What channels are your competitors using?

It’s smart to check in on your competition here and there, and the same applies when choosing a social media platform for your business. Take a look at your competitor’s socials to see where they focus their energy. Which channels are delivering the most engagement on social media, and what types of content are they sharing? This will help you understand the typical content in your industry.

  • What resources do you have available?

If your company lacks a large marketing team, you might not have time to run a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok account all at once. Instead, consider your resources as you join social media platforms–

How many channels can I manage within my team and budget? Do I need to hire someone new to help me create content?

Remember, quality over quantity is key.

The Most Popular Social Media Apps by Monthly Active Users

Engagement on social media varies from platform to platform. Let’s take a peek at the top five most popular social media apps (by monthly active users) and what makes them so successful.

  1. Facebook – As of January 2022, Facebook remains at the top of the list, with 2.9 billion monthly active users (MAU). Facebook is an excellent place for creating online communities and generating authentic leads.

If you want to increase your Facebook engagement rate, look inward and analyze your most popular posts. You can also use Facebook analytics to see firsthand what content is receiving the most reach. Additionally, commenting and replying to your customers in a timely manner is a game-changer. This shows your customers that you’re listening to them and caring about what they have to say.

  1. YouTube – Coming in second place with 2.2 billion MAU, YouTube has enormous potential for reach. YouTube has a strong user base across all age groups and covers all genres and industries. Reacting to trends, collaborating with other channels, and interacting with your audience are all ways to boost engagement rates on YouTube.
  1. WhatsApp – With roughly 2 billion MAU, WhatsApp remains the most popular social messaging app today. This type of messenger marketing is an excellent way to reach an enormous audience, build strong relationships with clientele, and promote your brand.

WhatsApp makes it easy to boost your customer engagement with responsive chat widgets, automated messages, bulk notifications, and interactive templates.

  1. Instagram – Instagram has nearly 2 billion MAU and is the preferred platform for many product-based companies. Since introducing shoppable posts in 2018, Instagram’s potential for ROI is higher than ever. If your target audience is under age 35, this is one of the best social media channels to promote your business.
  1. TikTok – TikTok describes itself as “the leading destination for short-form mobile video,” and with over 1 billion monthly users, this claim rings true. TikTok is widely known for its presence within Generation Z, but people of all ages are eagerly joining the community.

To boost your engagement on TikTok, consider utilizing the Q&A feature, replying to comments with a new video, including a CTA in your posts, improving your content production value, or telling a story with your posts.

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