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Ever wonder what working with Revity means? At Revity, we offer a variety of services dedicated to boosting your brand online through digital marketing. With the digital world booming, you have a lot of bases to cover to get your message out there. We can help with that! From website to email to social media, we cover it all.


The best way to get the word out about your business—SEO or search engine optimization. When you need a service done, you Google it, right? If your customers can’t find you, your business can’t thrive. We can help you get among the top results when someone searches for keywords relating to your company. Because let’s be real, does anyone look on that second page on Google? Let’s get your business on the first page with a little SEO.

Content Marketing Service

Our content marketing service provides content for your website. This content includes blogs, infographics, videos, eBooks, social media updates, and text for your website. Content is extremely valuable for SEO purposes. Your content also tells your story, it gives your customers and potential customers a chance to learn about you and relate to you without any sort of pressure. And as an added bonus, we’ve got a great content writer who write captivating blog posts just like this.

Web Design and Development

Make your company look good with a professional looking website. But a quality website doesn’t just look good—it needs to convey your brand, your message, and offer a unique experience to your users. We can make your website perform well in both looks and functionality.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a must-have for everybody and every business. Let your customers come to you with exposure on major social media platforms. Regularly posting quality content will increase your following and your customer base. At Revity, we run social media account, respond to questions on social media, and work with paid advertising through different platforms to get your message in front of your targeted consumers.

Animation and Whiteboard

At Revity, we are proud to offer high-quality animation and video content. These animations are an exciting way for customers to interact with your product. People are often too lazy to read through long blocks of text, but a short and attention-grabbing video is much more likely to boost engagement. We offer 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, animated logos, animated pilots, and more. Tell the story of your company through a marketing video.

Email Marketing Service

Reach your customer directly with email marketing. This involves ads, requests for business, solicit sales or donations, newsletters, etc. This form of marketing bring attention to your brand and business as you reach out to current and potential customers. It’s an opportunity to connect and build a relationship with consumers. At Revity, we do responsive email design, email copywriting, automated and fully managed email marketing, email list cleaning, and campaign production and development. We’ll handle the whole process for you.


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