Overrated Marketing Trends

Marketing isn’t always the easiest undertaking; it requires creativity, thinking outside the box, and dedication. Unfortunately, many marketers are wasting their time on methods that aren’t very effective. When you set out on your next project, make your work count by using effective and worth-while marking techniques. To help you do that, you want to know what the overrated marketing trends are.

#1: Pop-Ups

Pop-ups may be effective with a select few, but most people find them annoying. This is especially true when users are on their phone. Which, let’s face it, many, many people are! If you are really married to the idea, keep your pop-ups to the desktop site. Otherwise, it’s better to use a different marking technique.

#2: Ads

Going hand in hand with pop-ups, the second overrated marketing trend is ads. But not any or all ads, we’re talking specifically about the large ads that cover your entire screen. If you’ve gotten someone’s attention with a good blog post but before they’re able to read it you throw an extra-large ad in their face, it can be very off-putting. You got them to your site, so keep them there by letting them get to your content. Stick with subtler, less in-your-face ads.

#3: Lots of Content

As mentioned with ads, you want your exceptional content driving your traffic rather than other tactics that are overrated. In the case of content, less really is more. With so much content available on the internet, there’s no way you can compete to be heard above everyone else. Instead, scale down. Focus. Get specific. When you have less, but higher quality content, your marketing efforts will be more successful.

#4: Flashy Content

Good content will elicit some sort of reaction (most of all, you’re hoping for a reaction that will lead to sales!). Your viewers may be uplifted, touched, shocked, or humored. But be careful when getting your audience too riled up. Flashy or controversial topics are overrated, and end up doing more damage than good when overused. Every once in a while, controversial topics are ok if it is relevant, but don’t stir up trouble in the hopes of getting more traffic.

#5: Traditional Advertising

While very effective in the past, traditional advertising has become overrated in today’s age of digital marketing. Instead of focusing on television advertisements, radio ads, or billboards, start harnessing online advertisement opportunities. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Snapchat are just a few examples of very effective marketing tools. And as an added bonus, they are generally much cheaper than the traditional advertisements.

#6: Niche Markets

While millennials are hyper-active online, it is an overrated marketing trend to focus your efforts solely on that one niche market. Yes, they are very active, but many are still in school or are just beginning their careers. They do not have the funds that other older demographics have. And, it never hurts to focus on the up-and-coming generation.

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