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Mental health is a topic that needs to be discussed and discussed openly. It affects people here in Utah and all over the world, which is why REVITY is honored to sponsor 10,000 Beds.

By volunteering their expertise in the marketing field, REVITY hopes to help 10,000 Beds in their mission to provide mental health services to those with a desire and need to recover.

REVITY has been running their website and marketing campaign in American Fork while 10,000 Beds continues the fight for mental health involvement and awareness by trekking across the country.

REVITY’S efforts will no doubt aid in giving a voice to those with mental illness, and provide them the help they need. But what exactly does this non-profit do? Here’s a closer look to help you learn about 10,000 beds.

Who Are They?

10,000 Beds is a non-profit organization with a mission for recovery. Their website states, “we envision a world where individuals in recovery are no sidelined because of their past, but welcomed, embraced, and included as valued, loveable people with limitless futures.” Ten-Thousand Beds uses a scholarship program to get individuals into treatment centers where they can make changes to their lives.

Jean Krisle, founder and CEO of the 501c3 non-profit, said it was born from a need for awareness of the empty beds in treatment centers, as well as from her own story. Krisle’s son faced addiction, was able to get help, and is now sober. But she realizes there are many out there who are unable to get the help they need, or to provide it for their loved one. This is what led her to create 10,000 Beds.

How Does It Work?

Those in need of treatment, or those who have a loved one in need of treatment, can simply apply for the scholarship program on the 10,000 Beds website. If they receive the scholarship, they go to one of many treatment centers (one of 10,000 Beds’ partners) throughout the U.S. With the help of programs, group therapy, and positive living conditions these individuals face their addictions and mental illnesses and change them.

Is it working?

What originally started, and is based in, Utah has now become a national foundation. Proof of the effectiveness of the program is in the fact that is it now nation-wide! Last year 10,000 Beds awarded more than $1,000,000 in scholarships and hopes to double that number this year.

With more partnerships and sponsorship (like the one between REVITY Solutions and 10,000 beds) they hope to continue to provide scholarships to those ready for the change. That goal specifically is to provide a total of 10,000 treatment beds by the year 2020. With more than 200 treatment partners around the country, they’re on track to meet this goal.

Right now, Jean and her husband Hal are on a nationwide campaign called #OneTheRoad4Recovery in their 5th wheel outfitted with their logo and mission to find more treatment partners.

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