How To Make Your Website Optimization Friendly

If you know anything about digital marketing, you know that search engine optimization should be one of your top priorities. But it’s much easier said than done.

How exactly do you go about making sure your website plays nicely with search engines like Google?

The world of SEO is ever-changing and there is always more to learn and ways to improve your optimization. But there are a few basics that will help no matter if you’re new to digital marketing or you’re an expert. Here’s how to make your website optimization friendly.

Quality Content

The quality of the content you have on your website will greatly impact how well your website is optimized. Simply filling your website or it’s pages with keywords isn’t enough (although keywords and phrases can be beneficial when used correctly). What’s really going to boost your relevancy is having helpful and well-thought out content. Whether you decide to use videos, create a blog, or simply have information about your business or products throughout your website, it should be well produced.

Think of your customers and site-visitors… what will be of best use to them? What can you teach them or help them understand about your products/industry? Of course, as you create this content it should be with your target audience in mind, not search engine results pages. As you do this, the SERPs will happen organically.

If you’re not a pro when it comes to writing, photography, or videography, consider hiring some help to ensure you have the best content possible.

As you consider keywords, think about how your users speak and the kinds of questions they might ask.  You’ll also want to consider what kinds of keywords your competition is using. Research is key when coming up with the right keywords.  

Well-Working Website

Another way to make your website optimization friendly is to have one that works well. Not only should your pages load quickly, but it should be very clear and easy for users to navigate around your website. They should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for without any trouble. You should link internally and your content should be related and relevant. All of these things will help to keep visitors on your website longer and improve your optimization.

Part of having a well-working website means that it works well for users no matter where they want to access your website. Whether it be desktop or mobile, whatever the screen size, make sure your website is optimized for it. If you haven’t already optimized for mobile, make that one of your highest priority!

Track and Improve

Because SEO is changing constantly, you’ll want to closely monitor the changes you have made, and know how they are helping or hurting your optimization. Stay organized and track the high’s and low’s of your website. Not only that, but be sure to revisit your strategies after you know how they work and make the necessary changes to ensure that your website is optimization friendly.

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