How Low-Quality Website Content Can Hurt Your Business


How are your SEO results looking lately? If they’re not where you want them, it might be time to consider if you have any low-quality website content.

The fact is, having poor website content that isn’t performing well is likely the main culprit of not being able to drive traffic to your website. Maybe people find your website and immediately leave it, or perhaps they can’t find your website at all; either way, a lot of these problems may have something to do with low-quality content throughout the site.  

When Google and other search engines are searching for results, here are a few things they are exploring the page or “crawling” for:

  • Frequently updated pages
  • Content, images, and videos that make sense in the context of the page topic
  • Service area 
  • Website security 
  • Loading speeds 

What Is Considered Low-Quality Website Content? 

The term “low-quality content” is subjective, so how does Google or another search engine decide which low and high-quality content? While there may not be a complete definition, here are a few indications that content quality is not up to par: 

  • The text is full of grammatical and punctuation errors. 
  • There is no “flow” to the content. It seems like it was written by a bot and hasn’t been proofread.
  • The content is not original, it reads like something you’ve read before, and it’s repetitive. 
  • The information is outdated, and you can tell that the content has not been updated within the last year or two.
  • Communication seems to be missing, and you are not finding complete answers to your questions.  
  • The writing is too complex and can’t be read by the average person.

How to Avoid Low-Quality Website Content 

Whether you’re noticing poor content on your website and desperately need an update, or if you’re starting your website from scratch, here are three valuable tips you can use to avoid low-quality website content: 

  • Employ a human writer – Saying this might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses use artificial intelligence to create content. And while AI software is progressively getting better, many writing bots aren’t yet complex enough to write website content that makes you sound like an expert in your industry. Employing a writer will ensure that your content is readable and original.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread – Any good writer will always read their work repeatedly to check for punctuation and grammatical errors. They’ll also ensure that each sentence flows well and every word has a place in the content. However, to error is human, so whether you hire another set of eyes to proofread, or you invest in grammar checking software (or both!), proofreading is just as crucial as writing the content in the first place.
  • Write in layman’s terms – Your writing doesn’t have to sound like you “dumbed it down,” but especially in cases like medical or law websites, it can be easy to use terms that not everyone knows. So stay away from using industry jargon as much as you can, and in areas where it’s indispensable, do your best to explain what it means.
  • Keep your website updated – Websites that are frequently updated are often the ones that get pulled into the higher search result spots because they’ll likely have the most accurate information.

Other SEO Problems to Also Take into Account 

While low-quality content is one of the factors that will negatively affect your rankings in the search results, there is a lot more to optimizing your website than just the words on the page. Here are a few other things that might be hurting your SEO results

  • Slow loading pages 
  • Excessive ads (pop up, banners, etc.) 
  • Too little to too much text 
  • The website is hard to navigate
  • Images are not optimized for the page
  • Broken links
  • The site is not mobile  
  • Keywords aren’t used properly

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