Five Ways To Make Successful Marketing Videos

Using video is a great way to market your business. While “going viral” may be what everyone is going for, you can’t go wrong with a solid video with plenty of online interaction. To do that you’ll have to be able to create quality videos that engage your audience. And with the right approach, creating a viral video isn’t a crazy ambition.

Here are five ways to make successful marketing videos.

1. Tell a Story

Everyone loves a good story, but not many people love a sales pitch. In fact, most people despise being pitched an impersonal sale! One way to make your video marketing successful is to make your video an interesting story. Choose something inspiring, fun, or engaging. If you’re able to do that successfully, who knows, you may even get lucky with a viral video! You can still use a relevant call to action to bring viewers back to your website, but make sure it flows naturally with the story.

2. Short and Sweet

Even if you’ve got lots of good content, you don’t want to try to keep your audience entertained too long; you’re only creating more opportunity for them to become disinterested or overwhelmed. Instead, keep your video short and sweet – 10 seconds ought to do it. Make sure your video is to the point nearly right off the bat. With the amount of content out there these days, making those first few seconds count is crucial! You want to make sure you grab their attention early, and use the remaining 5-8 seconds to inspire them.

3. Have Fun

Don’t be afraid to have fun when creating a video! Successful digital marketing won’t happen with boring, stuffy videos. People love to laugh, they love to be shocked, uplifted, and transported somewhere new. Don’t be afraid to give viewers what they want! Be as creative as you can and don’t be afraid to take a few risks.

4. Make it Interactive

Another way to keep your audience engaged is to prompt them to interact with the video. This is a new concept and will continue to evolve, but getting on board early will only benefit you. To have a truly interactive video you’ll create a storyline that actually lets the viewer make decisions and have control within the video. This will also give you a peek into the consumer’s thought and decision making process.

5. Optimize for Easier Searching

Once you’ve created the perfect video, you want to make sure it’s easy to find! (Because hopefully everyone will be searching the web to watch your video again and again). To do this, you’ll want to make sure you’ve optimized your video for search engines. Decide what keywords you want associated with your video, or what key words you think customers will be searching. Next, use those keywords in the title and description of the video. When those words are included in the text, it’ll make it easier for google to find the video! It’s also helpful to make all the relevant tags, as well as links to your product or company website.

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