7 Key Elements that Every Online Store Must Implement

7 Key Elements that Every Online Store Must Implement

E-commerce is currently more popular than it has ever been, so having a streamlined online store is a must.

There are specific elements your online shop should implement to see the most success. Continue reading to learn about seven essentials that can enhance your company online.

1. Clear Call to Action

Every online shop needs to have a clear call to action. A call to action, or CTA, prompts an immediate response to your store. “Save 20% Here” or “Click Here for Free Shipping” are examples of CTAs that help promote shopping. Every call to action needs to be clearly visible and easy to follow. If it’s difficult to see your link, no one will click on it.

2. Customer Support

Customer support that can be easily accessed is another key element your shop must include. No matter how easy it is to navigate the website or how smooth the checkout process is, there will always be questions and problems that need fixing. Whether it’s a phone number, an email address, or an instant chat feature, make sure your customer support is friendly and efficient.

3. Security

Protecting your customers’ information is crucial. Make sure that your website has an SSL certificate. Without this certificate, Google will not flag your website as safe, significantly hurting your credibility. For extra security against cyber-attacks, firewall protections are available to protect your store.

4. Product Images and Descriptions

Detailed product images and descriptions are one of the most important elements to add to your store. A major drawback to online shopping is the inability to physically pick up the product and examine it. Provide your customer base with the next best thing with detailed images, explanations, and reviews.

5. Easy Navigation

Your website should have an easy navigational flow to it. The home page should be eye-catching and inviting. You can only make a first impression once, so make sure that it’s a positive one. Here are some other details that will help your website be easy to navigate:

  • Keep a consistent flow.
  • Product sales should be easy to see.
  • Include specific categories for each product.
  • Make all navigation elements clickable links.
  • Use accurate navigation titles.
  • Make sure your search feature is easy to locate.

A confusing website will make it easier for the consumer to take their business elsewhere.

6. Related Items

As the owner of your shop, one of your main motivations should be to sell as much product as possible. One easy way to do this is to promote related items. Creating an option for similar items to pop-up can pique the interest of your shoppers and can encourage them to continue spending time on your site.

7. Mobile Friendly

Most adults and teenagers have a mobile device. Whether browsing or serious shopping, most of your business activity will come from mobile devices. Your online store needs to have a mobile-friendly format in addition to a website. Nothing will drive away customers quicker than a difficult mobile shopping experience.

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