What Businesses Need Local SEO Service? 

What Businesses Need Local SEO Service? 

Have you ever wondered what a local SEO service is and whether it can help your business? SEO is all about the Google Index, algorithms, keywords, and links between websites. 

Local SEO takes a different approach. It utilizes SEO while also incorporating proximity factors. Today, with smartphones connected to WiFi or cellular data, consumers can type in “attorney near me” to find attorneys in a close radius. 

Google even allows you to search for companies within a certain number of miles (like “within 25 miles”). So, what kinds of businesses need local SEO services

Local SEO services are essential for legal websites. Otherwise, how could clients find you? You’ll want to come up in search results when someone googles “family attorney near me” or “personal injury lawyer” near me. You’ll want to rank for your category of law and for “attorney” and “lawyer” since some clients will use these terms interchangeably.  

Dental Websites

You’ll want to show up in local SEO if you’re a dentist. Everyone needs their teeth cleaned every six months. Sometimes patients will want to change dentists, or perhaps they’re new to the area and unsure where to go. 

Home Improvement Websites

If your business does home improvement, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of local SEO. This will help you attract new customers who haven’t heard of you but need your services. Local SEO services will help you show up when someone googles, “home improvement companies near me.”

Home Construction Websites

Whatever your specialty in home construction is, you’ll want to utilize local SEO. You’ll want clients within a 50-mile radius to be able to find you and contact you. You might have just what they’re looking for! But without a local SEO service, they might not see you. 

Cleaning Websites

You can’t clean remotely. Cleaning services are an in-person resource for anyone who doesn’t have time (or doesn’t want) to clean their own home, business, etc. There might be lots of cleaning services in your local area, so you’ll want to use local SEO to get yourself to the top as quickly as possible. 

Glass Company Websites

Glass companies are an essential part of life. Whether you specialize in cars, houses, or commercial properties, glass gets broken or needs to be replaced. You’ll want to rank on the first page for “local glass company near me,” which is why you should use local SEO.

Brick & Mortar Businesses

You might question whether you need a local SEO service if you have a brick-and-mortar business. The answer is yes. You might offer online ordering with in-store pickup or have the vast majority of your inventory in the back. Either way, you’ll want to use local SEO so that local customers can find you. 

Revity Marketing Agency

If you’re looking for a local SEO service, you’re in the right place. Revity offers a wide range of SEO services, including local SEO. We can help you get your business to the top of your future customer’s search results. We’ll research, optimize, and convert your website to be friendly for SEO and local SEO. If you’re looking for a marketing agency to help you, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you!

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