Introducing Jonathan Hallett – Our In-House Artist

When you hire someone to help improve your business, you want to make sure you get the best of the best. No matter what aspect of marketing you’re looking to beef up when it comes to your business, the team at REVITY has years of experience. We have a team of the best developers, designers, writers, and artists around!!

As you take a closer look at the REVITY team, the expertise speaks for itself. Take, for example, Johnathan Hallett — REVITY’s in-house artist. He is an Emmy-nominated animation producer, storyboard artist, concept artist, graphic designer, and illustrator.

From a young age, Hallett has been passionate about visual storytelling and comic books. He sought and received instruction from his neighbor, Dan Fausett who just so happened to be a Disney storyboard artist. At sixteen Fausett taught Hallett all the ways of storyboarding, setting up shots, timing, character design, and more.

As a navy brat and through many, may moves, Hallett turned his attention to illustration. But the inspiration didn’t end there. His own grandfather worked on the TV series Bonanza and as a film editor for MGM in New York City. This lit a passion for film for Hallett. So, he decided to combine his two passions of art and film and make a career out of it!

Fast forward a few years as Hallett continued to develop his skills. He trained in graphic design and website design at the Collins College Art School in Tempe, Arizona, earning a degree in Advertising and Design. He has since proven his abilities in over 30 features films, several animation projects, more than 50 commercials, comic book inking, and over 40 published children’s books.

Throughout his professional career Hallett has lived in 12 different states, and now lives in Taylorsville, Utah. He enjoys spending time with his wife of 23 years, his three children, one dog, and three cats.

Hallett continues to work and has been known to create company logos and mascots. Curious about his work? Check out the new REVITY logo and mascot!

When it comes to marketing work, Hallett is an expert in anything from whiteboard videos to animated videos, and can create unique and targeted work for any client in any field of work.  

REVITY offers many different marketing services from SEO, to social media, to website design and video services. Hallett is just one example of the talent waiting for you when you choose REVITY to help you with your marketing.

If you’re looking to take your company to the next level, contact REVITY to begin strategizing your next marketing move.

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