How Can My Utah Business Prosper Through SEO?

How Can My Utah Business Prosper Through SEO?

You’re not going to find a single Utah business out there that will turn a blind eye to marketing. Why? Because it’s a requirement today. There are thousands of companies, each with more competitors than they can imagine. 

Without marketing, your company looks like one of those hole-in-the-wall buildings that could either be a restaurant or a tattoo parlor— there’s no sign, so the risk is yours to take. 

Naturally, you would walk away from this mysterious building faster than you do the office at 4:55 P.M. on a Friday (or Monday, depending on the week.) 

Potential customers see this when you don’t invest in your marketing, particularly SEO. 

Understanding SEO 

Maybe you haven’t thought about investing in SEO because you don’t know what it is. Perhaps not knowing what SEO is makes you feel like you’re walking into the sketchy restaurant/tattoo parlor. That’s perfectly fine, but once you understand it, you’ll be kicking yourself for not jumping on a marketing strategy sooner. 

SEO is short for search engine optimization and describes the process of optimizing your website, alongside all its content for internet search engines. Pretty simple, right? 

Unfortunately, while it’s easy to define, executing effective SEO strategies requires professionals who know what people are searching for, or at least how to identify these demographics and how to rank your Utah business so that you appear on those search results.

The Benefits of SEO on Your Utah Business

You always want to do what’s best for business, and in today’s world, there’s nothing better for business than SEO. There are several things that SEO can help you achieve:

SEO Increases Your ROI

Traditional advertising tends to scare potential customers away sometimes. SEO takes a more natural approach to identify your target audience by optimizing your content using keywords to fit your brand identity and rank in your industry. This helps you show up on a search result when a customer is looking for services or products related to your business, making them more likely to reach out to you because they were the ones who stumbled upon your page. 

You’ll Benefit from an Improved Reputation 

Let’s face it. We may as well call the largest search engine in the world G because we know no one’s going to the second page for anything. A study by Backlinko shows that only 0.78% of searchers go past the first page of search results; we’re not saying someone should look into this, but what are they looking for back there, we wonder. 

This means that roughly 99% of clicks happen on the first page, and if you’re not on that first page near the top, you’re not going to see a lot of growth in your customer base.

People trust high-ranking search results because it means that they work, that they put in the effort to make themselves accessible to the public. 

Let REVITY Marketing Agency Build Efficient SEO Strategies for Your Utah Business

At REVITY, we know what it takes to get your Utah business off the ground and into the top search results. If you’ve decided that now’s the time to implement an SEO strategy for your business, let’s chat!

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