Do Social Media Likes Really Matter?

Do Social Media Likes Really Matter?

In marketing, it seems like social media algorithms are always changing, leaving you wondering if social media likes really matter anymore.

We’re constantly striving for more likes, more followers, and more interactions with our posts on social media. Social media is an excellent tool for businesses to promote their business and create relationships with their followers, but what exactly is the value of a “like” on social media? Today we are exploring just that. 

The Short Answer

Yes, social media likes do matter; however, they aren’t necessarily the end-all-be-all of your social media marketing strategy. Likes will make you more visible and credible in the eyes of your followers and the people who view your page. However, chasing likes on Instagram and Facebook should not be your only goal. 

The Long Answer 

So yes, getting likes on social media platforms is a valuable indicator of your marketing efforts, but it’s not the one and only thing you should be striving for. On one end, likes on your social media posts tell you that people like the product or service you’re offering. Likes also show that you do have active followers, and it helps others that land on your page to know that your page is legitimate. On platforms like Facebook, when someone likes something from your page, it can possibly show up as a recommended post for one or a few of their friends. Most importantly, the likes you get on social media posts give you data to study and use to your advantage. 

For example, the number of likes you get on a post can tell you if your followers are more active during a certain time of day. Likes can also be used to deduce what kind of content your followers like to see most vs. what they don’t like at all. With likes, you can hone in on the information they are giving you and use it to tweak your marketing strategy as you continue to work on it. 

But does getting social media likes on your posts necessarily translate into converting customers? Most of the time, the answer is no. The reality is that you can rack up followers that interact with your page fairly regularly and still never make a sale. Why is that? You may ask. Well, there’s no definite answer. Maybe you have followers that mindlessly scroll through their feeds and like everything they see. Maybe your followers love your content, but not the product or service you’re offering. These are only a couple of reasons why this could be happening, but there are limitless possibilities. 

The Bottom Line 

If you run a business’s social media pages, it’s still good to create content for likes, but getting likes isn’t what’s going to make a sale at the end of the day. Here’s what you should be striving for: 

  • Engagement as a whole (shares, comments, likes, etc.)
  • Link clicks (from your bio or paid ads) 
  • Brand mentions or “tags”
  • Profile visits 
  • Active followers

Let REVITY Take the Guesswork out of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy 

When it comes to creating content that will generate engagement, like social media likes, comments, and shares, it can be hard to do everything on your own. That’s why REVITY has your back. We are a full-service digital marketing agency with an outstanding social media team that will work with you to create and implement a social media strategy that will grow your business. Ready to take the next step in increasing your marketing efforts? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and to get a free proposal.

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