Content Marketing: Why Every Writer Needs an Editorial Calendar

Content Marketing: Why Every Writer Needs an Editorial Calendar

Content marketing can be hard enough, but it’s even harder without the right tools. Set your team up for success with an editorial calendar.

Keep reading to find out what an editorial calendar is, and why every writer needs one.  

What Is an Editorial Calendar?

An editorial calendar is a software program that lets you keep track of all of your deadlines, due dates, and projects in one place. When you use one of these calendars you can easily move dates around, create and assign tasks to fellow team members, and view your daily schedule at a glance. 

Stay Organized and Accountable 

In content marketing, organization is key to keeping up with deadlines and keeping clients satisfied, and the best way to keep up with all of the work is by using the right editorial calendar. Editorial calendars also provide content writers with a sense of independence and accountability. They are able to set up their own schedule in order to meet deadlines on their own time, and they’ll be able to hold themselves to those deadlines. 

Keep Your Team Informed

By using an editorial calendar, you can communicate what you’re doing today to the rest of your team without even saying a word because you can share access to your calendar with bosses, coworkers, and even clients. This can help to facilitate a positive work environment, as coworkers and bosses are able to know just how busy you are before they ask you for help or assign you any additional work. By utilizing an editorial calendar, you can set up a roadmap for your content strategy for your whole team. 

Know Your History

It can be frustrating when you lose track of projects you’ve already completed, or you can’t remember when you worked on what. With the right editorial calendar software, you can look back on past projects and due dates so that the next time a client or fellow team member asks when you turned something in, you’ll be able to find out quickly. 

Finding the Right Program

There are a number of editorial calendars available on the market today, so how can you choose the right one for your content writers? The primary characteristics of a good editorial calendar include: 

  • Smart software – Some softwares are able to automatically set tasks months in advance, or even sync to your smart devices. The smarter the software you purchase, the less mental energy you have to put toward staying organized. 
  • Highly collaborative – You want software your whole team will be able to use and understand. Pick a software that allows for easy calendar sharing and task assigning. 
  • User friendly – Let’s be honest, not all software are created equally. You want an editorial calendar that’s foolproof, not one you need a computer science degree to navigate. 

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