Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for any business these days—for better or worse. And these social media mistakes are all too common.

How you use your social media dramatically impacts how your business is viewed and how it grows. Your internet presence allows you to interact with your followers, gain visibility, and share your product. Social media is a form of marketing and communications that is often misused. So here are some of the most common social media mistakes and how you can avoid them.

  1. Posting too Many “Salesmeny” Posts

No one likes to feel like they are getting sold on something 24/7. Being inauthentic with your audience and only pushing marketing posts at them will not go over well. If everything you’re posting is just about what you are trying to sell, you aren’t likely to gain or maintain your audience. Post content relevant to your viewers. Posts are not helpful to you if they don’t get engagement, so you should also create posts that make you a fun account to follow as well. When you push too strongly on the marketing side, you’re much less likely to get engagement. Create posts that also create engagement outside of what you sell.

  1. Using Hashtags Wrong

One of the most common social media mistakes is when you misuse a hashtag, it doesn’t help you and makes you look like you haven’t done your research. In the viewer’s mind, it’s painful to see a company using irrelevant and awkward hashtags. Before posting, search to see what that hashtag means to avoid posting a hashtag that may have another meaning.

  1. Too Much Posting

If you post too much, people are more likely to unfollow or even just “hide” your posts. You do want to be consistent in your posting, but no need to post every hour. Once-daily is usually the better route to go. The goal with social media is to connect you with your audience, not annoy your audience. Going back to the idea of limiting “sales posts,” consider posting a sales post one day, the post an engagement post the next. Then switch back and forth between the two to avoid burnout from your audience.

  1. Not Staying on Brand

Though you don’t want to solely push marketing content, posting irrelevant material that does not represent your business or relate to your audience will do you no good. Stay on brand; remember what you represent and the message you want to send when you post. Don’t worry too much about creating “viral” content. Post quality content consistently, and you’ll reap the rewards.

  1. Forcing Connections to Current Events

Don’t try to relate your content to something it doesn’t connect with. Your post doesn’t need to force a connection with the latest trend or event that everyone is talking about. If it doesn’t relate to your brand, it doesn’t relate. Stick to what you know. Give something valuable to your followers without worrying about how to connects to current events. That’s not to say your followers won’t appreciate it every so often, but if you’re a clothing company that is forcing a connection to a news event about an airline, it’s safer to stay in your lane for the time being.

  1. Ignoring Your Audience

This one can take on a double meaning. One mistake with ignoring your audience includes not responding to comments. Even if they are negative comments, you should respond in the best way possible. Responding to comments will humanize you. The other meaning of ignoring your audience includes not posting content that is relevant to your followers. Your audience is your demographic. Post what they want to see to keep them around and get them engaged.

Use REVITY Marketing Agency to Avoid Social Media Mistakes

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