O2 Oxygen Concetrators CASE STUDY

CRO, SEM, Social Media Ads,

Automation/Email Marketing, E-Commerce, Lead Generation

O2 Assist

O2 Assist has a very niche product and specific audience. We were tasked with generating leads and sales for oxygen concentrators. Our job was to generate high quality leads for a sales team and then, if the sales rep failed to close the sale, follow up with the prospect via marketing automation and nurture them to a purchase. Client sales increased due to an over 2,000% increase in leads and a decreased cost per lead.

The Plan

Generate high volume, high quality traffic from Google and Bing ads.

Optimize the site for conversions based on A/B testing and other data.

As a higher ticket item, the purchase cycle could be long so we used email automation to stay top of mind.

The Tools

The Result

Bottom Line: Increased profitability (increased leads, decreased cost per lead)


What this Client said

So the player can actually get to play through me, I am the first player, and of course I've got some boys with me, 3 other guys, all dressed up with an array of missiles and weapons, it looks to be a very very exciting game! "
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