Social Media: Best Way to Run a Giveaway on Social Media

Best Way to Run a Giveaway on Social Media

Running a giveaway on social media can have amazing effects on your brand, and there are so many benefits you don’t want to miss out on.

Even if you can’t afford to gift an all-inclusive tropical vacation to your followers, running a social media contest gets your customers excited about your brand and helps it stand out from the crowd.

Continue reading to discover why you should implement giveaways into your brand strategy and how to run a successful contest that converts.

Why You Should Run Social Media Giveaways

Before understanding how to run a giveaway, you need to realize their benefit and what they can do for your business.

1. Increase Follower Count – Giveaways are a great method for growing your following. When you run a social media contest, you can require other accounts to follow you as a way of gaining entry.

2. Boost Brand Awareness – Giveaways make it possible for more people to become familiar with your brand. As others like, share, and comment on your post, social media algorithms recognize that and more people are likely to see your content.

3. Grow Your Email List – As part of your contest entry rules, you can require that people submit their email addresses, creating a solid list of interested leads.

4. Jumpstart Engagement – Social media giveaways are the perfect way to boost engagement. Every like, comment, and share will increase exposure and audience insight.

5. Promote New Products – If you want to put the spotlight on a new product, a giveaway on social media will help generate more leads and increase sales.

How to Run a Social Media Giveaway

If you’ve never run a giveaway before, it may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, they’re not complex to execute as long as you follow the proper steps.

1. Understand Your Objective and Budget – Why do you want to run a social media giveaway? What is the primary goal you hope to achieve for your brand? What budget do you have to work with? These are all important questions to answer as you plan your contest.

2. Determine Contest Type – There are many different types of social media contests to choose from. Determining which type is best for you depends on your audience and your goals.

Here are a few different social media contest types:

  • Follow
  • Like and/or comment
  • Share
  • Tag a friend
  • Sign up for our email list
  • Photo caption contest
  • Vote to win

3. Decide on the Prize – Your prize can be anything, but make sure that it’s relevant to your audience. You want to ensure that entrants will convert to customers.

4. Pick a Social Media Platform – To determine which social media platform to utilize for your giveaway, you need to know your audience and where they spend their time. For example, if your audience is mostly stay-at-home moms, Pinterest might be the best choice.

5. Draft a Plan – There are a few additional factors you should establish to make your giveaway more concrete:

  • Timeline
  • Rules
  • Mode of participation
  • Frequency of posting
  • Winner announcement
  • Method of tracking data

6. Understand Contest Rules – Each social media platform has specific contest rules that you must follow. Be sure to review the rules before executing your giveaway.

Grow Your Business with REVITY Marketing Agency

When done right, a giveaway on social media can help you build an email list, increase brand awareness, and grow a loyal following. With the help of our marketing experts at REVITY, we can help you execute your goals and create a marketing strategy that fits your business. Contact us today!

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