Benefits of Updating Your Website

There’s nothing like a bit of spring cleaning around the house that may make you stop to think about spring cleaning when it comes to your business. Not, it’s not just cleaning out those old files and organizing your paperwork.

You may wonder whether or not you should update your website. The truth is, you shouldn’t wait until spring to jump in and make some changes.

There are many benefits of updating your website! Here are just a few…

Building Trust

One of the biggest benefits of updating your website is that it will help you to build trust between your customers and search engines. If you’ve ever visited a website that looks out-of-date with old formatting and website design, you’ll probably feel a bit hesitant to look much further. Just like fashion changes, so does website design. When your website feels current and with the times, your visitors will be more comfortable hanging around the site. This will hopefully lead to sales and repeat sales!

While updating your website builds trust with potential customers, it also builds trust with search engines. As you know from the basics of search engine optimization, you want your website to be liked on a technical level. Google likes, trusts, and is more likely to promote websites that are updated and get fresh, regular content. One of the top SEO tips is to update your website to help improve your ranking.

More Views

It’s no secret that users are on their phones much more than they used to be…arguably more so than they are on a desktop computer! They want their content available on the go, whether that is for social media, news, helpful information, or shopping. When you update your website to accommodate mobile-viewing of your website, you are making it easy and enjoyable for potential customers to view your website. The more views you get the better chances you’ll have of turning window shoppers into customers, and ultimately getting more sales.

A Pleasant Experience

Besides all the technical advantages of updating your website, a little facelift will do wonders for the way people feel about your website. When it is up to date, enjoyable to look at and navigate, your visitors will like visiting! The easier you can make your website to navigate, the more likely they will be to stick around and return.

Increased Speed

One way to know whether you need to update your website is to check out a website analyzer. There are programs and services available to help you test your website’s performance with more info on your page size, the composition and various aspects of speed. If your website analysis shows that our website is slow, it’s time to update. With the proper amount of bandwidth, and as you are properly optimizing your website, you can give your customers a website that loads quickly. This will allow them to browse and shop freely! And as a bonus, it also gives you more credibility when it comes to search engine ranking.

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