Are SEO Companies Worth The Money?

Are SEO Companies Worth the Money?

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve heard of SEO companies. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a huge part of ranking on Google. That ranking determines where you pop up for certain search terms. 

For example, say you sell a product. If you Google that product name and scroll until you find yourself, that’s your Google ranking. The problem you might encounter is not being where you want to be on Google or not finding yourself on Google at all.

Of course, you’ll want to be on the first page so consumers can easily find your product instead of purchasing it from someone else who shows up on Google first. 

That’s what SEO companies are for – their job is to improve your ranking on Google. They use various tools to accomplish this, from paid advertising to organic social media to content writing and more. 

But are SEO companies worth the money? 

They are, and here’s why. 

Improving Your Rankings 

If you’re not ranking well on Google, an SEO company can help you fix that. Google has specific algorithms that evolve over time. SEO companies keep up with those algorithms and implement changes to keep up and keep your company ranking well.

Calculate Your Value

Did you know that there’s an exact calculation to see how much SEO is worth for your company? Yep, this calculation is tailored to you by using expected click-through rates for search positions on Google

Keyword search volume X 

expected click-through rate X 

average conversion rate X 

average order value = 

Search Position       Click-through rate percentage

10 2.2%

If you rank at #1, your click-through rate is 36.5%. That number steadily goes down the further down the search results you are. Are you #9? While it’s great that you’re on the front page, your click-through rate is only 3.0%, which is drastically lower than 36.5 %. 

Let’s say the following applies to you:

Google ranking: #7

Keyword search volume: 2500 times per month

Click-through rate: 3.8%

Conversation rate: 2%

Digital marketing services: $2,500 per month. 

In this case, we’d multiply 2500 X 3.8% X 2% and then multiply that by $2,500 per month. We’d get $4,750. That’s your monthly revenue.

But what if you ranked #4 instead of #7? How would that change things?

Your monthly revenue would increase to $9,875. Your company would earn thousands more per month, making the SEO company worth it. Try out the calculation for your business, and see how much an SEO company can do for you!

Revity Marketing Agency

Revity Marketing Agency has experts who will work with you to improve your ranking on Google. We have proven tools that will help improve your rankings, which will increase your company’s revenue and grow with you over time. As one of the most fantastic SEO companies in Utah, Revity is here to help your business grow. Contact us today for more information! 

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