7 Types of Companies That Need Social Media In Their Marketing Strategy

7 Types of Companies That Need Social Media In Their Marketing Strategy

Social media is a powerhouse. A staggering 59% of the world’s population has a social media account, a statistic not lost on anyone thinking about starting a company. 

Certain industries can make social media their primary lead-generating channel and brand awareness tool; at the very least, it’s a good platform for communicating critical updates.

To make social media work for you, your company should focus on creating high-quality content designed for your target audience’s preferences and interests. Engaging content your audience is excited to share and engage with increases your reach and potential revenue. 

These are the industries that can benefit the most from social media:

1. Fashion

Fashion is a vast industry, and it has one powerful thing going for it: aesthetic appeal. 

People want to look cute, cool, rugged, hipster, trendy, beautiful, and so forth. Our society is highly social. Clothing and fashion play a massive role in how we interact with others. There is so much visual appeal in clothing that there could hardly be a better platform for marketing than social media.

New trends are set daily, and people want to be in the loop. As a fashion creator, you are in the unique situation of both selling clothing and informing people about new trends. This gives you a lot of power, especially on social media, where you can instantly show your new line to millions of people. 

Fashion is a visual-heavy artistic medium. What better way to get people interested in your business than by representing your line with high-quality photography and video online?

2. Beauty

As with fashion, the beauty industry is so well-suited for social media culture that it’s almost a no-brainer!

Like fashion, the beauty industry can sell products and set new trends. You can utilize social media by providing new styles for others to get excited about. Just think, you can practically establish your own demand!

Another big pro of social media is that it essentially makes itself into an online portfolio. If you are in a cosmetology-related field, you can use photos of your work to get people excited about working with you. 

3. SAAS — Software as a Service

Why did software as a service make the list? SAAS businesses have a product that is constantly evolving. It’s this fact that makes the SAAS industry such a prime candidate. 

Did you release an update? Is someone using your product in revolutionary ways? Do you want to inform your customers about the best application of your product? These are the kinds of things social media is excellent for. 

In a way, your social media account demonstrates your authority. The more useful information you have on social media, the more trustworthy your brand will appear. 

4. Hospitality and Tourism

You have something to show off. Isn’t that what hospitality and tourism are all about?

There is so much information available at our fingertips that it is hard for us to want to book a room, schedule a visit, or commit to a tour without knowing anything about it.

Not having images of your property or location wouldn’t be a deal breaker as little as ten years ago. But now, we can’t imagine going somewhere unless there are at least 15 pictures and the reviews average more than four stars!

Using social media to show off your property is becoming more critical for the hospitality and tourism industry. 

5. Real Estate and Construction

Social media is the place for companies with dramatic before and after results. Construction and real estate companies that flip houses and create beautiful yard features have a prime niche online.

There is a subculture of oddly satisfying things. This includes social media users who film themselves power washing driveways and organizing pantries. Millions of people enjoy the transformation from boring or rundown to exciting and relevant!

Using social media to record the oddly satisfying process of transforming a fixer-upper into hot real estate can get you a lot of views and popularity on social media.

6. Health and Wellness

We live in a culture where health, fitness, and wellness are becoming more and more trendy. People are looking to influencers on social media for inspiration.

Health and wellness companies can use social media in many ways. Social platforms are a great place to feature meditations, innovative products, and helpful advice to keep people centered on their wellness goals. 

Poor health, both physical and mental, afflict hundreds of millions of people around the world. If your company is actively trying to fight the things that so many people are struggling against, you have an opportunity to build a brand that’s all about building up your customer. 

Customer-centric marketing is the most effective marketing because you put the focus on your customer and empower them to change. People seek this kind of validation, and it’s rampant in the fitness, health, and wellness industries!

7. Commerce

Generally, if you have something the average person can use, you’ve got a chance on social media. 

According to Hubspot, 35.9% of internet users will make at least one social purchase in a year. Considering the scale of people who use social media, that is a lot of money being spent.

If you are selling physical products to general consumers, social media is the perfect channel to feature them. Many platforms are moving to allow companies to sell products directly on the site, making placing your product in front of your target audience much easier.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are great starting points for an eCommerce shop. They have an established and intuitive interface that is easy for users and sellers alike. These platforms are either super affordable or outright free to use, even as a business.

How Do I Know Social Media Is Right for My Business?

How do you know if your company could benefit from social media? A few criteria make social media an excellent fit for businesses.

  • Do you sell a product?
  • Is your product expanding in use/application?
  • Does your business help people feel better about themselves?
  • Are you selling to customers and not to businesses?
  • Is your product part of a culture?
  • Does your product create a culture?

One of the best things about social media is making a free account. Once you’ve created an account, you can decide if you want any of the fancy tools that make content creation and posting easier. But in the meantime, it’s worth it to try it out!

The hardest part about social media is creating engaging content. There will be challenges, but they can be overcome.

Let Revity Help You Expand Your Social Media Reach

Getting established on social media can be difficult, even for companies with innovative products. There is an art and science behind creating an effective social media marketing strategy. 

Here at Revity, we are constantly innovating our social media practices. Our media team has decades of combined experience creating compelling quality content. We have the tools and expertise necessary to create stunning visuals for your company. 

If you need someone up to the challenge of helping you market on social media, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to see how we can help you increase your returns from social media.

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