6 Tips That Will Help You Create Highly Shareable Content 

6 Tips That Will Help You Create Highly Shareable Content 

If you want to expand your brand awareness, you’ll need to create shareable content that your audience wants to read and share with their friends. 

As brands, we can unintentionally get stuck making content that we think is just good enough to add to our Instagram feed or the company blog. We think, “Yeah, that fits our brand voice,” or, “This is a piece of content that someone might find interesting.” And while there’s nothing wrong with creating exciting content, we need to make sure our content is working for us. 

What does “content that works for us” mean? Essentially, if you’re going to put all your time and effort into creating content, whether it’s a graphic, a blog post, or whatever you’re making, it needs to be more than something you share. 

It should be something your customers and followers should share. 

Think about all the time and dedication you put into creating a blog post. Depending on the topic, it could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days or even a week. If you’re going to spend all that time, make sure your content is accurate and compelling. So much so that someone wants to share it with someone they know. 

Remember, Content is King 

The amount of content you produce and put out there for the world to see means more than ever before. The world wants to see content that matters to them. And the best way to get your audience’s attention is to create engaging, compelling content that they share with their followers. 

But how do you create a lot of content that piques people’s interest? Stay tuned to find out. 

Tip #1: Do Your Research 

When it comes to making sure your content stays relevant and stands out from the crowd, it’s best to conduct some research and competitive analysis. 

Check out what’s going on with your competitor’s website and social media. 

  • What are they doing that works? 
  • What doesn’t work for them? 
  • Are they creating shareable content? 
  • How can you take similar concepts and improve them? 

We suggest going back about six months into a competitor’s channels to fully understand their strategy.

Conducting six months’ worth of competitor analysis might sound like a tedious task. But trust us when we say that looking at their platforms can help inspire you to make better content than ever before. 

Tip #2: Develop a Strong Brand Voice

Here’s an important question–what makes your content better than someone else’s? If you’re sharing the same ideas and concepts, what is it that makes you stand out from the crowd? It’s your voice and your story.

We’ll talk more about your story in the next section, but let’s talk more about your brand voice. According to Caroline Forsey of HubSpot, a brand voice is “the personality your brand takes on in all of its communications.” 

Your voice is how your company presents itself, regardless of who writes, presents, or creates the content. It’s all about keeping it consistent so your audience knows who you are and what you represent. 

Tip #3: Embrace the Power of Storytelling

Creating a story is more powerful than you might think. Your audience wants to imagine themselves in a specific situation and relate to you before purchasing anything from you. You should be telling your story across the board.

And how do you tell a story? With characters, a problem, and a resolution. Your characters are your audience, your problem is your pain point, and your resolution is your unique offering. It seems pretty simple, right? 

Well, it might take some practice. But when you harness the power of your voice, combined with a story your customers need to hear, you’ll be creating content that goes beyond your feed.

Tip #4: Create Useful Content

To create shareable content, it needs to apply to your audience. Think about what you’re trying to accomplish with every piece of content. More importantly, think about what benefit your audience gets from the piece. Are they getting a laugh from a good joke? Does your content provide valuable information? 

Before starting the actual content creation process, ask yourself, “What value will I bring to someone’s life with this piece?” Then, create with that thought in mind. 

Tip #5: Don’t Be Afraid to Jump on a Trend

Especially when it comes to social media, some trends pop up all over the place. As long as it fits with your brand voice, nothing’s stopping you from being playful and hopping on a trend. 

Maybe there’s a TikTok trend you can get your entire company involved in. Or perhaps you can make your version of a trending meme and post it to your Instagram story. It’s an easy way to get creative and produce shareable content.

Tip #6: Encourage User Generated Content 

Content that is created by your audience is an excellent way to encourage more people to participate in and share your brand. There are plenty of ways you can use user content in your strategy, but here are a few common examples:

  • Host a giveaway. The winner is the person that makes the best meme based on your product. 
  • Start a weekly highlight where you share someone else’s post using your product or service.
  • Invite a frequent user of your product or service to write a guest blog post. 
  • Use user reviews to create an email campaign all about customer satisfaction.

Bonus Tip: Create Your Content With REVITY 

It takes a lot to create valuable, shareable content. If you want to ensure you’re getting the best for your time and money, reach out to the experts at REVITY. As a competitive digital marketing agency, you can count on us to produce marketing materials that deliver results. 

We love what we do, and we want to do it for you, too. Chat with us today to get a free marketing proposal and learn more about our services and pricing. 

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