6 Tips For Content Creation

The importance of content creation cannot be overstated when it comes to SEO. Having consistent and high-quality content on your website is really a game changer. Content is a free, non-threatening way to interact with your clients. Give them a chance to learn more about your company with no pressure. Learn how to create some effective content for your site with a few tips below.

1. Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that will be useful for your site over time. The goal with most content is to drive traffic to your site. Anything that will attract attention from search engines and social media will be evergreen content for you. You want your content to appear valuable to a search engine—this will mean more traffic for your site. If you can get at least half of your content to be evergreen, you’re doing great!

2. Get Creative

As you are generating topics for your content, be creative! Your content should be relatable to your clients and follows. That said, it should also be somewhat unique. There are loads of blog posts out there, what sets yours apart?

3. Good Grammar

As a professional business, you’ll be taken much more seriously if you use proper grammar. It is critical to written content. It will not only help you to be taken seriously by clients and potential clients, but it will also help you get more traffic. Search engines, like Google, use algorithms to find and penalize incorrect grammar. There are several online editors you can use to check your content before publishing it! A quick proofread, and a few edits could make your content much more valuable.

4. Break Up Your Text

No one wants to read a big block of text. It can immediately look overwhelming and intimidating. Break up your text with paragraph headings, images, bullet points, infographics, and whatever you can. It can also get you some bonus SEO points.

5. Answer Questions

As you are creating content, try to answer questions that clients or readers. Often if people are using a search engine, they are trying to answer a question. If you can predict and answer those questions, you will get a higher SEO ranking and more traffic to your site. Make your content relative, make it helpful (to both you and your clients). You may even want to use questions as your paragraph headers. That will make it clear, not only that you are answering questions, but which questions you’re answering.

6. Create Guest Blog Posts

If you’re running low on content ideas, spice things up with a guest blog post. You could interview someone who is an expert in your field or have an employee who doesn’t usually write the posts in the company give it a shot, or even reach out to another blogger to see if they might be interested in some cross promotion. Mix up the voice of your blog once in a while for a little variety.


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