6 Things You Need In Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

6 Things You Need In Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

When it’s time to beef up your eCommerce marketing strategy, there are a few easy places you can start.

You are likely doing most of what you need to make a successful marketing plan for your eCommerce business. Rather than opting to start from scratch and hope the next attempt is better, try revamping your efforts in these areas:

  • Social Media.
  • UX/UI design.
  • SEO.
  • Email Marketing.
  • PPC Campaigns.
  • Branding.

Making small efforts toward improving these areas of your eCommerce marketing strategy could initiate the big breakthrough you’re looking for.

Create Valuable Content on Social Media

Social media marketing is great for small businesses. It’s free, familiar, and can connect your company with potential customers. 

An important thing to remember with using social media is that your posts need to be engaging and valuable. With every post you create, ask yourself if it has the quality and value you would want to see on your own feed.

Most users don’t want to engage with self-promoting content. Be sure to make content others will find helpful, useful, or entertaining. Content that promotes your own company is good on occasion to give your company credibility, but too much can drive traffic away from your page.

Don’t Neglect UX/UI Design

What is UX/UI design? It’s an acronym for “User Experience/User Interface.”

The UX/UI field is generally confined to the layout and intent of your design. Is the text easy to read? Are CTA buttons noticeable? Are people drawn to the information they need to make a decision? 

Consider your goals for your eCommerce website. Do you want to feature certain items? What information do you think would make the difference between gaining or losing a sale? 

You can map your user experience using heatmap software and tracking views on Google Search Console and Google Analytics. These will give you a rough idea of what your customers are looking for on your website. 

If you find too many customers are clicking places you don’t want them to, change the layout of your website to make the most important things more noticeable. Sometimes the layout and design of your website make all the difference between getting business and flopping. 

Optimize Your Website for SEO

If you want more organic traffic, you should pay attention to how Google and other search engines have been ranking your site.

Making your eCommerce website SEO-friendly isn’t just something you should do to comply with Google; you should do it with an eye on user experience. Much of the algorithm Google uses to evaluate websites ranks them based on how it perceives visitors to your website would find it helpful.

If your website looks and loads like it was designed in the dot-com era, don’t be surprised if Google ranks it low. Make sure your website loads quickly, has relevant and valuable content for your target audience, and provides fast and convenient access to valuable information. 

Be aware that many more searches are being performed on mobile devices than desktop computers. Don’t stop at optimizing for desktop, be sure your website is also easily accessible by mobile devices. 

Capture an Email Audience

The marketing technique with the highest return on investment is email marketing. Why? Because you pay the least for the platform and you own the emails.

Why is that such a good thing? When you’re trying to market your company with SEO or social media, you are trying to game someone else’s system. In other words, you don’t own the platform, so you play by their rules.

Making an email list from scratch is difficult but pays high dividends. Essentially, you need to provide your target audience with valuable content they are willing to purchase with their email address. This usually requires a little exchange of value. When you have an email address, you need to be sure to nurture it with helpful content. 

Email marketing is a great method you can use to retain and upsell your customers. You can use emails to validate and confirm a purchase, suggest similar or complimentary products, and update your customers about product releases and sales.

Up Your PPC Game

Paid search ads, also known as PPC — pay-per-click — can get your website to the top of relevant search results without the long wait period of SEO. 

You can customize search ads to your budget and inventory. Depending on your goals, you can use them to maximize clicks, leads, subscriptions, and more. 

You can spend as much or as little on your ads campaign as you need, but be aware that your competitors will be driving up the status quo for budgeting. If you are in a competitive market, the cost you pay for each lead may be higher than you may otherwise suspect. 

Make Your Customer the Hero

The bottom line for your company is making money; the customer’s bottom line is to get value from your company. When you begin looking at the customer-business relationship this way, your marking will become more effective. 

When you are focused on promoting your own business, your advertising becomes lost in a sea of marketing noise your target audience is trying to filter out. Your goal in marketing shouldn’t just be about standing apart from your competitors; it should also focus on being more helpful than your competitors. 

Focusing on providing value in your marketing shows your target audience you provide value. They will be more willing to investigate your products and services to see if they are things that could benefit them.

Revamp Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy With Revity Marketing

Sometimes your eCommerce marketing strategy needs a little push to get started. Knowing what that push is can be the most frustrating part of digital marketing. 

Here at Revity, we’ve helped hundreds of companies change their digital marketing approach. We can help give your company the right nudge you need. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company be more effective in the eCommerce space. 

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