10 Ways to Increase Your Email Click Through Rate

Email marketing can be a very effective form of marketing when done right. Are you sending out emails regularly but not seeing results? Try a few of these tips to make the most of your efforts and reap the rewards.

1. A catchy email subject line.
The subject line can make or break your email. It will be the first thing your customer sees. Use short, quick, and catchy phrases that will draw in a reader and lead them to want to learn more!

2. Offer an opt-in option.
Your click-through rate will increase if you’re email people who actually want to read your emails. If you’ve found that your rate is exceptionally low, offer a double opt-in option when people sign up, giving them a chance to be sure that they really want to be hearing from you.

3. Utilize the preview text.
Boost your chances of getting your email open by using that preview text. Give a little sample of what content found in the email without giving up an vital information. Make sure that they need to click to get answers but give them a reason to click!

4. Format your email better.
The formatting of your email will greatly impact how much and which portions of the email get read. Avoid long blocks of text, break it up with subheadings, pictures, lists, graphics, etc. Making your emails more reader-friendly will

5. Content, content, content!
Nothing will beat high-quality content. Make sure that you are sending out information that people will really care about. Spamming inboxes with every little happening going on in your business will not profit you. Spend out well-curated content that will leave the readers wanting to hear more from you.

6. Time it just right.
Many email subscription services will allow you to schedule your emails to be sent at a prime time. There are certain times of day when people are more likely to read emails than others. Figure out which times and days are best for your audience and utilize that information when sending emails.

7. Don’t spam.
No one likes a spammed inbox. One of the most common reasons for unsubscribing or for just mindlessly deleting emails is spam. Avoid sending out too much and too often to remain relevant and avoid having your email end up in the spam folder or trash.

8. Clean out your email list.
Some of the email addresses on your subscriber list may no longer be active emails or they may not be reading your emails. Go through your list, clean out addresses that are no longer profitable.

9. A/B Test everything.
If something isn’t working, test it out. Why isn’t it working? The first step to solving the problem is identifying it. When sending out an email, try sending the same email with two different subject lines. Or the same email with two different formats. Identifying the best way for you and your business to communicate will lead to more effective email marketing.

10. Clear call to action.
Including a simple and clearly stated call to action in your subject line, preview text, and email will lead to action. Giving too many steps will likely deter people. Make it as easy as possible for them to act.

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