Why Should Your Website Be Mobile-Friendly?

To make your website mobile-friendly, or not to make your website mobile-friendly: that is the question. Before grumbling too much about the extra work it might take to do that, you’ll want to consider the big picture.

Why should your website be mobile-friendly? Keep reading…


It’s no secret that mobile is here, it’s popular, and it isn’t going anywhere. Your customers are going to get to your website in anyway they can. If they’re out and about (which, let’s face it, is most of us most of the time) they’re going to do that on their device. The simple fact of the matter is that if your website isn’t accessible by mobile users, you’re missing a huge opportunity to be available for your customers. If mobile users can’t access your site, they’ll find what they’re looking for elsewhere.

Improved SEO

While making website more available will obviously make more traffic a reality, by making your website mobile-friendly you’ll also inadvertently improve your SEO. Search engine optimization is how you can make yourself appear higher in search results, and it just so happens that Google prioritizes those websites that are mobile -friendly. Want to rank better and get more exposure? Make your website mobile-friendly.

Increased Credibility

Because so many users are online, they usually assume most businesses are too. That’s to say that if a website isn’t mobile-friendly, it may be a rag flag for users. But being mobile-friendly isn’t just about potential customers. Anyone browsing or visiting your website should have a pleasant experience. When they do, they see your as a credible source for products, advice, information… a source they’ll be more willing to return to.

Increase in Sales

With the above reasons why you should make your website mobile-friendly, this should kind of be no-brainer. Besides all the other benefits to having a mobile-friendly website, an increase in sales is huge motivating factor. The ability to make purchases online is becoming better and better, which means that mobile users have been making more and more online purchases with their mobile devices. The easier you make it for users to shop online, the more likely you are to have an increase in sales.

Happy Customers

Your customers want to be able to visit your website from either a desktop of mobile device. They want to be able to search for the things they’re looking for, gather the information they need, and find the product to solve their problems. If customers visit your website and have a pleasant experience, whether on desktop or mobile, they are happy. Happy customers will continue to visit your website (so long as you continue to keep them happy). One very simple way to make them happy is to optimize your website for mobile.

Happy customers, better availability to your website, and an increase in SEO, credibility and sales are just a few of the benefits of having a mobile-friendly website. Make your website mobile-friendly and you’ll soon see even more reasons why the effort is well worth it.

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