What Type of Content Should You Post on Your Business’ Social Media?

What Type of Content Should You Post On Your Social Media?

Your business’s social media lets your customers know who you are and what you care about. But what type of content should you post on it? 

The power of social media for your business is undeniable. If you hope to keep a competitive edge in today’s market, social media is crucial!

Social media is great for marketing; it helps boost your SEO, build more personalized and lasting relationships, and better your brand recognition. In addition, when using social media correctly, you can more precisely target your intended audience. And, it’s another way to provide excellent customer service to your customers.

These are just a few specific ways social media will benefit your business. But for these and other advantages to starting working for you, you have to make sure you’re using social media correctly. You can’t just post whatever you feel like posting.

So, what type of content should you post on your business’s social media? Here are four ideas to get you started.

Create a Connection

As you begin posting more purposefully and intentionally on social media accounts, you should keep in mind that you need to connect with the viewer through your post. Creating some kind of logical or emotional connection is the surest way to drive sales. So whether you choose to go with a humorous, entertaining, inspiring, or intellectual approach, you can create a type of experience that will help make your business stick in your audiences’ minds and hearts. When posting, keep the rhetorical triangle in mind. The rhetorical triangle includes these three means of appeal:

  • Logos – The logical appeal. Employs hard facts and statistics to make the argument. 
  • Ethos – The credible or ethical appeal. Utilizing the author’s authority to persuade your audience. 
  • Pathos – Appealing to your audience’s emotions to form a connection. 

By forming posts that connect with the reader’s sense of logic, authority, or emotions, you are laying the foundation to create a lasting connection with them. 

Include Images

Since 2007, the usage of visual information on the internet has increased by 9900%. Not only do we consume more visual media, but we also retain much more of the visual media that we see than written or auditory. With that being said, if you’re going to share content on your social media, it should contain some sort of image. Not only are photos more interesting, but they’re also more shareable. When you share post images on your social media account, you get the added benefit of attractive posts that keep your audience’s attention and content that social media users love to share above all other types of posts. 

“High-quality pictures and videos are a definite! This is both an aesthetic thing and a credibility thing,” said Kellie Hack, the Social Media Department Head at REVITY. “You want your potential customers/clients to recognize you as the real deal and an organization that knows what they are doing.”

Keep Things Open-Ended

One of the best things about social media is the opportunity to interact with an audience. You can get direct feedback or questions and give immediate answers. When choosing what type of content you should post, choose something open-ended. This will help to generate loyalty, increase knowledge of your company, and of course, promote sales. Try asking your audience what they want or need, or look for feedback. You can also try posting fun quizzes or polls, answer questions from the audience, or start a discussion. Additionally, doing the occasional contest or giveaway is a great way to engage your audience and gain new followers.

“You want content that is engaging. You want people to interact and be asking questions and sharing your stuff, so it needs to be interesting!” said, Hack. “Make sure you have a mixture. Stuff that is informational about you and your brand, stories because people love stories and it becomes easier to relate to whatever it is you’re selling, experiences or testimonials, etc.”

Promote Your Business

Ultimately, you are using your business’s social media account to promote your products and services. While it’s essential to make sure your audience can connect with your posts and that they contain images or have open-ended questions, it’s also important to remember your purpose in using social media – to sell your product! While you must do so subtly and naturally, you still want to promote your business. A good rule of thumb to follow is to supply 80 percent of your content as non-promotional, with the other 20 percent promoting your business.

Let REVITY Marketing Agency Help

If you need help with your business’s social media, get the experts on your team and reach out to REVITY today. Our social media specialists are standing by, ready to craft the perfect posts to draw attention to your business and engage your existing clientele. We serve clients from all over the United States, so contact us today to get your free proposal on your next project. 

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