How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos

If you’re trying to increase your website optimization, you know you need to have good content. You may be taking the DIY route and using a Yoast plugin to help with this, or maybe you’ve decided to hire SEO consultants.

Either way, you may assume that good content needs to be in the form of a blog or even just the written word, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While blogs are one of many important website optimization techniques, it is not and should not be your sole focus. Engage the other senses of your audience by including visual aspects like pictures and diagrams, use podcasts for those who prefer to listen, and don’t forget about videos.

Studies have shown that four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. If you’re not utilizing videos on your website, you are missing out lots of traffic and ultimately, revenue. Once you have some quality videos in made, it’s time to get them uploaded to YouTube and properly optimized. As you take the time and effort to optimize your videos you will ensure that you get more traffic and really take advantage of all that YouTube has to offer.

As you can imagine, YouTube is heavily relied upon by viewers to find the videos they are looking for. When you optimize your YouTube videos so that they are easier to find, you have an amazing opportunity to catch the eye of millions of viewers (which will hopefully lead to millions of website visitors.) All the web page optimization in the world won’t be able to fully replace the advantages you get from optimizing your YouTube videos.

When you learned how to do SEO, you learned that you need to start with quality content in order to actually get (and more importantly keep) views high. The same is true for videos. If you don’t have something that is interesting or enjoyable to watch, you aren’t going to get very far. Make sure you have excellent sound. Viewers will be more forgiving with poor visuals than they will with poor audio, although you should do everything you can to make sure you have strong visuals as well. Make sure that your message is clear and to the point. Once you’ve made a quality video, here are a few things to focus on as you begin optimizing your YouTube videos.

First, know your keyword. Just as with the content on your website, keywords are important. Whatever your keyword happens to be, it should be included in the title of your video. Be sure to include your keyword in your meta and tags as well.

Next, don’t be afraid to spend good time and brainpower on your title. As mentioned, it should include your keyword. It should be relatively short and compelling enough to lure in viewers, while also being clear enough that viewers know what they’re in for. It’s a delicate balance, one that will take some time and energy to get exactly right.

Next, use your meta to add a little more information about what your video is all about. Lastly, take advantage of tags, which will help associate your visuals with text and further increase optimization.


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