How To Create Better Instagram Stories

Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is usually the best lighting when it comes to photography. Whether you’re shooting pictures, natural lighting will help you avoid strange shadows and generally be the most flattering. If possible, try shooting during the golden hour—one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset. This light is generally the most flattering. It is a common misconception that shooting in the middle of the day is best—when the sun is directly over you, you’re more likely to get drastic shadows.

Stay on Brand

Brand consistency means sticking to similar content, color palettes, and messaging that best represents you. Keep your audience in mind—what are they looking for? What are their expectations? What do they like? All of the content you create should have a purpose. A strong brand will be easily spotted. If your followers see an image and immediately associate it with you, your brand game is strong!

Know When to Use Locations and Hashtags

When you appropriately use location tags and hashtags, more users can find your content. This can be a great way for new followers to find you! Use hashtags that are relevant to your material and being used by other similar accounts. Using a location tag to let people know where you are can also help new accounts find you. However, letting people know that you are, for example, in New York City might not attract people that want to follow you specifically—that is very vague. However, if you are a baker and you use a location tag at a bakery, you are more likely to reach your audience. Be intentional with your tags and use them to your benefit!

Enhance Your Story

Instagram stories have lots of fun features that can easily enhance your story. Pin text in the video to a moving object. You can pin a mention to the person in the video or point out something funny out in the video. After you create the text or mention, just hold your thumb down on it until the pin option pops up. It will then allow you to choose where you put the pin.

You can also have fun with video options like super zoom, boomerang, slow motion, and more. Using these in clever ways that will enhance your video will make it much more interesting. However, don’t use them use to use them. A boomerang of something that doesn’t move is not very entertaining.

Encourage Engagement

Use polls, ask questions, use mentions, engage! You can ask your follower what kind of content they want to see. Get a poll to help you make a decision. Polls are quick and easy for people to participate in and it’ll easily provide you with some data on your followers. Mentioning other related brands and users in your content could mean a report in their stories and more exposure.


Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster