How To Build Brand Trust Through Social Media

Building a trusted brand through social media can’t be done overnight—but through some consistent efforts, you can create a trusted, profitable brand. Implement these strategies into your social media and you’ll see results.

Be an Authority

To be trusted in your field you need to be an authority. People are much more likely to trust someone who is an authority or expert in a certain industry or topic. As you produce content and interact on social media, this will shape your appearance of authority. Keep up to date with the latest research and news in your field.

Be Helpful

People are much more likely to follow an account that is helpful to them. You can achieve this by providing support and motivation. Post content that is relevant to your audience—share things they will want to see, things that will be helpful to them. Sometimes being helpful may mean redirecting your clients to another source.

Be Personable

As you interact with followers on social media be personable. They should feel like they are talking to a real person and not a computer. You can also be personable in the content you post. Let people know there are people behind the brand.

Join the Conversation

Interact with followers and other relevant brands. Social media has become a platform to network, interact with people, and even form relationships. But you can’t achieve these things if you aren’t part of the conversation. Follow relevant brands and interact with them.

Build Relationships

As you correspond with followers and other brands, build relationships. Focusing on relationships will bring people back to you time and time again. Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with customers and potential customers is key. It is much easier to build relationships when people know you—show yourself in your brand. Your followers shouldn’t feel like they are interacting with robots, they should feel like they are interacting with people.

Share Relatable Content

Of course, you want your content to reflect your brand or products. But people are can tell when you’re trying to advertise to them, and most don’t like it. Share content that relates to your brand and to your following. If you make a mistake in your posting—own up to it! Part of being human is making mistakes and people will relate to that. You can also share other content (that you didn’t create) that relates to your brand, just be sure to give credit. If your platform is a good source of information, people will keep coming back to it.

Produce Great Content

Content creation is key. Continuously post new, fresh content. This will boost your credibility and visibility—it’s a win, win. Good content will bring you a good following. You’ll want to create content that is unique to you and your brand. There is so much content out there—why should someone follow yours? Find your unique value proposition and use it!

Respond Quickly

When followers comment and interact with your content, respond quickly. Don’t give them time to stew or forget they commented. A quick and kind response will go a long way. Be consistent with your responses.


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