Common Mistakes Made in Facebook Posts

Facebook can be a useful tool for promoting your brand and engaging with your customers. This platform is one of (if not the) most popular social media outlet with 2.23 billion active users. You can certainly reach a wide audience on Facebook, but if you aren’t reaching them with quality content, does it really benefit you? Make the most of your digital marketing efforts by avoiding these common Facebook post mistakes.  

Using Too Much Text
Be clear and concise in your posting. When scrolling through a Facebook feed, followers are less likely to stop and read an entire paragraph (or multiple paragraphs). However, if you have a short, simple, and relatable caption, it will likely get more notice. Make it as easy as possible for your followers.

Posting Multiple Links
Posting multiple links in a single post can be confusing. Take the opportunity to split that post into two more concise posts. This way you get more content and better content.

Not Responding To Negative Comments
Though negative comments can be discouraging, not responding to them can be just as damaging as the comment itself. You may not be able to fix the problem and you shouldn’t aggravate the problem, but facing it head-on with an amiable response will reflect well on you.

Asking For Likes and Shares
It’s true that likes and shares are important. They will certainly boost your post. However, asking for likes and shares can come off as unprofessional. Instead, try asking a question in your post. This will encourage commenting, which will also boost engagement.

Making Your Post Too Much Like an Ad
Most people get on social media to be entertained and to be social. When a post looks too much like an advertisement, it is more likely to get scrolled passed. Including a call to action can be very helpful but try to avoid being too pushy. Post content that is related to your brand and relatable to your followers.

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