7 Signs Your Company Would Benefit From Social Media Marketing

7 Signs Your Company Would Benefit From Social Media Marketing

With social media being such a well-known marketing platform, you may wonder if your company would benefit from social media marketing. 

Social media seems like a dream too good to come true. Does a platform exist that allows you to market your business right in the palm of someone’s hand? And it’s supposedly more affordable and targeted than anything before the internet?

It seems easy to create an organic social media feed from scratch. Still, social media platforms intentionally make it harder for brands to get organic traffic so their users aren’t constantly spammed by branded content. It also helps to incentivize businesses to pay for ad space. 

Don’t let that discourage you, though! Social media can be great for many industries, and chances are, yours is one of them! Here are some ways to tell if social media is right for your business. 

1. You Want More Direct Customer Feedback and Interaction

If your company wants to be ahead of the curve, you need to know what the trends are before your competitors catch on. How can you do this? By getting feedback directly from your customers

Customer feedback is vital for companies to learn what works and what doesn’t. Establishing a social media presence creates another avenue to interact with your customers and gauge their excitement. You can also direct message your customers with their consent. 

It is possible to interact with your customers using other techniques, but your customers probably already use social media. Interacting with your customers on there is much easier than other alternatives. 

2. You Sell to a General Audience

While most companies sell to a segmented audience, some are more general than others. If you are selling to an everyday individual and segmenting based on demographics, you can have good results from social media. 

The more specific your audience is, the harder it becomes to target them on social media. You’ll probably have the most success on social media targeting demographics instead of fans of an obscure band.

3. Your Products and Services are Visual-heavy

Social media is a very visual-heavy platform. If your business sells products like clothing or art, social media can be a great way to showcase the items that make your company unique. 

You can use social media to communicate new releases, special deals, and valuable ideas. People always look for new and trendy things, especially in fashion and design.

This isn’t limited to just a handful of industries, though. If you have a useful product, social media is a great way to share how your product can help improve your customers’ lives. You can also use social media to invite your customers to share their experiences with you and others.

4. Your Company’s Website Gets Good Organic Traffic

If your website gets good organic traffic from search engines, you know you have a website that gives value and provides a good user experience. 

People use your website, and search engines see it as valuable. Adding social media marketing to your business model can help bring more traffic to your website from social media. 

Whatever your company offers, others are finding it valuable. Through trial and error, you can discover what draws so much traffic to your website and use that information to create a social media feed that people find helpful.

Having good organic results from SEO will not necessarily translate to getting good organic traffic from social media. However, it can signify that you have something valuable people want; that’s an idea worth pursuing. 

5. Your Industry Needs a Thought Leader

Social media is a great place to go for snippets from thought leaders. People are looking for advice to improve their lives. That’s where your value as a thought leader comes in. 

Suppose you have industry expertise that can continue to provide value to customers even when they aren’t buying. In that case, you can establish long-term relationships with your customers by continuing to guide them long after they do business with you. 

As with other things we have suggested, you can become a thought leader without social media, but social media is one of the most convenient platforms for influencing and showing your authority. 

6. You are an eCommerce Company

If your company is exclusively online, utilizing social media is an excellent way to expand your reach. Social media marketing helps you establish your brand and reach more people. 

Insider intelligence estimates that about half of US adults made social media purchases in 2021. Purchasing things on social media is becoming more regular, especially as social media platforms continue to innovate their shopping features, making it easier to buy items directly from the platform’s app or website.

eCommerce brands thrive on sharing and promotion. You will have engagement if you can turn your social media feed into a valuable and engaging feed. Being an eCommerce website, you will thrive on all the attention your social posts will give your landing pages.

7. You Want To Keep Loyal Customers

Once someone has bought into your brand and has had, at the very least, an average or slightly better-than-average experience, you have a chance to make them into a loyal, recurring customer.

Doing this isn’t too hard. Mostly, it’s just reminding them you are still there. One way to do this could be to follow up with customers in a personal phone call. You can also utilize an email or SMS message to do a similar job. If neither is feasible, try using a social media page.

Similar to a brand awareness campaign, you just want to keep your company on their mind. The more they see your company and connect it with the positive experience they had with your company, the more likely they will come back to do business with you again. 

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