7 Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing You Didn’t Know

7 Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing You Didn't Know

Many companies wonder how they can cash in on social media marketing for their business. If you think about it, posting on social media is practically free marketing! Could it really be that simple?

As you can imagine, the answer is both yes and no. 

Organic social media algorithms are biased against most businesses. It is much harder to gain a following and grow your brand without paying for ads. Should your business still make social media a priority?


Here is why it matters:

1. A Great Platform for Branding

What is your company all about? What do you care for? What kinds of goals are you trying to achieve with your business?

These are questions that establish brand and company identity. A company can answer these questions on their website, but keeping up-to-date and consistent is challenging to do and isn’t very noticeable. 

2. Establishing Credibility in your Industry

When your brand frequently posts about topics in its industry, more will come to see it as a valuable asset in their own business or personal development. 

This is especially true for business-to-business social media marketing. When there is a clear objective your company helps someone achieve (i.e. improved fitness, increased sales, cutting-edge technology, etc.), there are posts with free information you can give out on your social media that others will eat up.

Providing accessible information about your industry on social media is a great way to attract others to your brand and help them see the value you have to offer. 

3. Reputation Management

Reviews are a great tool to use to build your credibility and reputation. If you have good customer service, people will call you out. If your product changes lives, others will be glad to testify to it. 

Don’t leave the reviews on Google; use your social media to enlarge your presence!

Social media allows you to interact directly with your customers and potential customers. You can begin conversing with them long before they do business with you. 

Creating a good name for your business is a very involved process. It’s not just about posting and getting reviews; it’s about responding to concerns, answering questions, reaching out, and more. 

4. Learn More About Your Followers

Even with enhanced privacy, a company can learn a lot with the bit of information they receive from their social media.

All data collected are anonymous. The charts and information you glean from the little demographic information you learn about your audience can help you refine your marketing strategy to target your most loyal demographics better.

For example, if your company sells kids’ bikes, but the information being pulled from social media reveals most of those interacting with your social media are male and females from ages 23 to 47, you may infer that parents of young kids are the ones interacting with your posts.

After coming to this conclusion, you can refine your marketing strategy to address the concerns and desires of the parents of young children. 

This targeted messaging helps everyone. The interested customers have more of their questions answered, and the company isn’t bothered by junk leads. 

5. Learn how people feel about you

Do your customers trust you? What else can you learn about your company from them? 

Seeing how your customers react to your products and services can give you a good idea of what your customer base at large feels like. 

Information like this keeps a business afloat. Knowing where your company is weak can help you turn your weakest points into your greatest strengths. 

6. Targeted Advertisements 

Most social media platforms have a broad range of users. The tech companies that started these platforms recognize their value and maintain them as free user platforms supported through paid advertising. 

Social media platforms generally allow companies to target different demographics. This can be a paid ads shortcut for companies targeting a defined demographic rather than a general audience. 

Although there is debate on how privacy and the internet will change in the future, there will always be advertising opportunities as long as tech companies want to expand their base with free services.

Social media is excellent for targeting niche categories. There are so many social media users; it is guaranteed that your target audience members can be found and pitched to. With some deliberate messaging, you can get your company a steady stream of valuable leads.

7. Creating Trust With Transparency

How do you want your company to come across personally?

If someone is considering doing business with your company, they will probably view your social media to determine if you will be a good fit. 

Using social media to spotlight employees, celebrate internal successes, or generally show what life is like in the workplace can accomplish this mission. 

The human element is often left out of marketing. Being transparent about your company on social media shows the humanity that makes the magic happen. This can help potential customers trust you more because they know and trust your staff more. 

Consider Your Audience

Before you post, don’t just assume the audience you want to see our post will get it.

Take a deep introspective look at your industry and the kinds of people interacting with your posts. Ask yourself why these people want to follow you.

Very few people want to sign up to be spammed by advertisements. Your consumers are expecting value from your posts. They want to develop themselves, learn a new skill or fact, keep an eye on your industry, get exclusive deals, and support your brand.

Understanding who views your posts and wants to engage with your company online is essential for creating an effective social media campaign. 

Revity Digital Marketing – Your Guide To Social Media Success

Imagine creating an effective social media campaign. Your company will have a better online presence, be more searchable, be more relatable to your target audience, and, of course, be a source of quality leads.

Those results are possible for just about any industry!

The great thing about social media is that it is something you can easily do on your own. There is a steep learning curve, but these kinds of things are made to be user-friendly.

However, if you want some seasoned industry experts to help you get started, we happen to know some people who are skilled and up for the task!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your social media marketing goals!

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