Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business?

With over 1.15 billion daily active users and closer to 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become an essential platform. Facebook allows users to create business pages that represent your brand. Your customers can ‘like’ and follow your page to keep up with your posts. You can also pay to boost your posts, which will increase your reach. These paid posts can be targeted to reach specific demographics and audiences.
One of the many benefits of using Facebook to reach your customers—Facebook covers almost all demographics. Facebook users come from a wide range of ages, ethnicities, locations, etc.
Update your Facebook page regularly. Interesting and unique content that is curated to attract and engage your targeted audience will increase your following and increase your revenue.

As an image-based platform, Instagram is very visual. Each post requires a picture. Accompanying that image, you can have a text description that can include hashtags, geotags, and other tags, but you cannot use links in your text (as you can on Facebook).
Instagram has over 800 million active users. Users on Instagram tend to be more engaged than other platforms. The Instagram demographic features more of the millennial generation. 70% of Instagram users are under the age of 35, a majority of which are college graduates.

Twitter features short posts of 280 characters. This quick content is viewed by 336 million active users. 80% of Twitter users live outside of the US. Of those who live within the US, a majority of Twitter users have an above average income. 30% of Americans who earn 70k or more use Twitter. 45% of Twitter users have college degrees.
The fast-paced and short content can be very helpful for interacting with your customers. Many turn to Twitter to communicate with business—in this way it can be a very customer service based platform.

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