The Best Social Media Platforms For Digital Marketing

There’s no denying the power of social media in terms of digital marketing. In fact, many agree that it goes beyond a positive tool and has become one that is a necessity.

Growth has become exponential and the gap between companies and their consumers has never been smaller. It has truly changed the way people communicate, but also how they market themselves and their businesses.

But “social media” can be a bite too big to chew all on its own. Instead, it’s important to focus on specific platforms to reach your target audience. If you’re new to social media, master one platform and then begin conquering others. If you’re not sure where to begin, here is a list of the best social media platforms of digital marketing. This is a great place to get started, or a great way to redirect your current marketing efforts.


It’s kind of a no-brainer that Facebook is the number one social media platform for digital marketing. With more than 1.86 billion users, Facebook give you the opportunity to reach just about anybody and their dog! It is a great platform for sharing media and getting a wide variety of people to see what you have to offer or say. With Facebook Ads, you can also hone in on targeting your specific audience.


You may think that the being limited to 140 characters per tweet would make Twitter a less-than-ideal social media platform, but that is exactly what makes it so powerful. With simple and snappy posts, you get to easily interact with consumers. And when you utilize hashtags, you can create an even more visible platform for yourself. You can also use Twitter to post videos, images, links, polls, etc. All of this will help increase your interaction with your target audience and more.


If your company have very visual products or elements, Instagram will be a great tool for you. This social media platform is made entirely of photos and videos which allows users to filter and edit their images any way they like. If you want to tackle Instagram, you’re going to want to have a good eye for photography, layout, design, or video; because the platform is so visual you’ll have to be on top of your game or users will notice. You can also use hashtags to help boost visibility.


Another highly visual social media platform, Snapchat allows users to send and receive content before it deletes itself. Whether it’s 1 second or 24 hours, depending on how you post, the content is fleeting. (It can be saved and reviewed in some instances). Snapchat gives digital marketers a place to advertise and interact without having to worry about perfecting the message. The app lets you see who views your content and how many times. This can be a fun and low-key way to interact with target audiences, and Snapchat stories has become so popular it has been mimicked by both Instagram and Facebook.


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